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"Hello, Nipples!" Sweater (Femboy) 1.0.0

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About This File

I got the idea to make this from the picture I've attached. It was sort of just a test, but I like how it came out. The nipples are 3D.


-No mesh required

-Base game compatible

-Works best for feminine framed males, but can also be used for feminine framed females

-18 swatches

-Please feel free to recolor and/or edit the mesh in any way. All I ask is that you upload it here so I can download your creation too!

-You can credit me if you want, but don't claim this as your own

-If you edit this and post yours elsewhere, you legally CANNOT restrict it behind a paywall. This goes for you Patreon users. You are not allowed to have Patreon exclusive content, but may keep it as early access for two weeks at most. After that, you MUST make the content available for free for everyone. Anyone that has Patreon exclusive content that is older than two weeks must release it for free.


If you like femboy/trap stuff, check out my meshes for femboy body! I am slowly releasing my creations, but there are so many, and I have so many other things to do. Use my femboy body meshes to make your own stuff too!


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