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SexLab - Hide Crosshair Reference 2.1.1


About This File



Tired of activate/talk prompts on screen during SexLab animations?

This SKSE plugin will automatically hide the crosshair reference on screen whenever the player is in a SexLab animation.

Source code is included as a separate download.




This is just a single SKSE plugin, drop "Sexlab - Hide Crosshair Reference.dll" into "Data\SKSE\Plugins".


Configuration (optional):


The plugin will load just fine without the configuration file, but if you want to tweak it, create a text file at the same location as the DLL, name it "Sexlab - Hide Crosshair Reference.cfg" and then open it with a text editor.

StartAt: AnimationStarting/AnimationStart
Default: AnimationStarting

The event at which the plugin will assume the player entered a SexLab animation.

EndAt: AnimationEnding/AnimationEnd
Default: AnimationEnd

The event at which the plugin will assume the player finished a SexLab animation.

DisablePlayerControls: yes/no
Default: yes

If set to "no", the plugin will no longer disable "activate" player controls when a player driven SexLab animation starts.




Remove "Sexlab - Hide Crosshair Reference.dll" from "Data\SKSE\Plugins".


Known Issues:


None. If it's not working for you, please check "My Documents\My Games\Skyrim\SKSE\Sexlab - Hide Crosshair Reference.log".

What's New in Version 2.1.1


  • Added mutex to the plugin's internal event handling. This should prevent, rare although possible, cases of race conditions.
  • The plugin will create a default configuration file if no previous one was found (you still don't need one to run the plugin, just drop the DLL and forget about it if you don't want to tweak it).
  • Fixed and/or improved some codes that are too minor to mention any further.



  • Two new optional configuration options to give the end user more control on how the plugin operates.
  • More detailed debug logs (now including SexLab thread IDs and event names).
  • Code cleaned, optimized and tweaked.



  • Detect SexLab and its threads.
  • Detect SexLab events.
  • Disable "activate" controls when entering a SexLab animation (controls are re-enabled at the end of the animation).
  • Added configuration option "DisablePlayerControls" as a way to allow users to make the plugin not disable "activate" player controls during a player-driven SexLab animation.
  • More detailed debug log.

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