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About This File

This is a racemenu face preset based on the cosplayer Liz Katz.


Here is her website if you're interested: https://lizkatz.com/ Or just google.





Linds Human Eyes

Hdt physics extension

Ks Hairdos Hdt (for default hair)



Fairskin complexion

CBBE + Bodyslide

Yundao hdt hair (second hairdo)

Luxury Collection (for the bikini, racer aquamarine)

Set height/scale to .83 for actual height if you want.



Other good stuff:

Immersive first person

Screenshot assist

Princess Ivy Riverwood Cottage (filmed at)

Alternate Start (never leave home without it)

Face Light

Crawl on all fours

Lifelike Idle Animations (needs FNIS)

Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite

Music and Dancing for BBLS


I plan on adding a bodyslide preset, hence the adult section.


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