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My First upload to LoversLab, Bowsette!


Following the popularity of Bowser wearing the Supercrown, I made a CAS of Bowsette using the closest approximations of Custom Content I could find. I assume at some point someone will make the Shell, Supercrown, better horns, and other items but for now this is the best I could do. I gave her multiple outfits that have both blonde and red hair variants. Of course you can edit this sim however you want. I will not be uploading them to the Sims 4 Community, that is just too much hassle.


All CC included!


I used a lot of CC for this custom sim, I am not claiming that any of the modded clothing, accessories or makeup are mine. If you use Sims4TrayImporter(and you should) then you can look through the CC list and search for all of the original creators of the mods used for this sim.


Recommended Mods

  • Body Slider
  • Height Slider
  • Wicked Whims
  • Sims4TrayImporter


I also made Peachaboo and a Princess Peach CAS. If I can combine them all into one download page I will.


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