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Joker and Harley Quinn
All CC included. (Every Harley Outfit!)


Many hours spent trawling the internet to find every Harley Quinn outfit.
My Mrs and I make a pretty good team. I track down all the CC, and she spends all night and day tweaking in CAS to get our sims looking perfect.

This download includes every Harley Quinn outfit available on the internet. (If you see a new one, please leave a comment and I will update the file!)

Formal wear is based on the dress she wore at the club in Suicide Squad.


Recommend but not needed is
Body Sliders.
Height Slider.
Wicked Whims (So you can shag her)
Tongue mesh
Wild Guy skin details.
I wont bother linking the above, because I assume you already have them.... If not WHY ARE YOU HERE??


09-26-18_10-46-42 PM.png

09-26-18_10-44-56 PM.png

09-26-18_10-43-49 PM.png

09-26-18_10-43-36 PM.png

09-26-18_10-42-35 PM.png

09-26-18_10-42-22 PM.png

09-26-18_10-42-01 PM.png

09-26-18_10-41-03 PM.png

09-26-18_10-40-07 PM.png

09-26-18_10-32-22 PM.png

09-26-18_10-32-01 PM.png

09-26-18_10-23-23 PM.png

09-26-18_10-23-04 PM.png

09-26-18_10-22-36 PM.png

09-26-18_10-22-20 PM.png

09-26-18_10-22-14 PM.png

09-26-18_10-20-37 PM.png

09-26-18_10-20-21 PM.png

09-26-18_10-20-16 PM.png

09-26-18_10-17-55 PM.png

09-26-18_10-17-22 PM.png

09-26-18_10-16-23 PM.png

09-26-18_10-15-50 PM.png

09-26-18_10-15-34 PM.png

09-26-18_10-15-17 PM.png

09-26-18_10-11-42 PM.png

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