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Pee And Fart 4.0 SSE alpha WIP for adventurous spirits
... not related to the Bee and Barb


This is just a quick port to SSE of my mod. This is a WIP-version, so expect some bugs.


If you find bugs, please let me now. Would help me greatly! Thanks!


- Description -

Another peeing and pooping mod.


- Requirements -

Sexlab for SE
SlaveTats (for dirt options) with Patch for SSE

Strotis Toilet Ressource Mod for SSE (thanks to Tamira for porting!)



NiOverride or RaceMenu (for body scaling functionality)
SSE: I am not sure if RaceMenu is sufficient. I installed NiOverride for Oldrim to be able to compile scripts.
Scaling is working, there might be other scaling methods used in the future. (remember: SSE CBBE has no belly node! You will have to use an Oldrim body for now)

Supports: [not tested in PAF 3.0 SSE alpha!]
Devious Devices Integration SSE


All mods are tested with their newest version, but older version should do the trick in most cases.


- Uninstall -

Reset the mod before uninstalling (It will remove toilets, SlaveTats overlays etc. added by this mod)


- Features -

* time based needs for bladder and bowels. (Player character only!)
* toilet paper crafting, you get visually dirty without it!
* NPC support for up to 5 NPCs
* you can place toilets around skyrim!
* you can go swimming to clean yourself, if you have no toilet paper available
* toilet paper can be crafted at the tanning rack with some firewood or cloth linen
* hotkeys or spells (lesser powers) can be used to access functionality (pressing hotkeys for longer than a second opens up different options)
* kinky stuff! You can use NPCs to be your personal toilet for example.
* body scaling depending on your bowel state (uses NiOverride, so it should be compatible with other scaling mods. This feature is disabled by default)
* different peeing animations for males and females. The mod currently uses mostly Leitos animations.
* MCM Menu to configure the mod to your needs
* SOS schlong support, even for women having them (sexlab is used for stripping and gender detection)
* create bottled pee/poop and use it for alchemy and ... cooking
* Peeing and Pooping is illegal in Skyim. If guards see you, you will get a bounty. They might even force you to wear a diaper.
* If any NPC sees you while relieving yourself in Inns, Temples, Holds and Stores you will get a bounty
* things I forgot to mention

- Bugs that are features -

* body scaling updates are slow (up to 10 sec)
* applying dirt overlays might take time at first, where your game might lock up for a second
* there are currently no puddles created
* Tracked NPCs are a bit exebitionistic, because I failed to make them close the doors.
* All NPCs will occasionally use the toilet houses as benches. They seem to be quite cozy
* You may have problems with clipping in toilet houses. Remember that if all else fails, you can remove the toilet with the menu
* NPCs are lazy. They might take some time to react to a command.
* Sometimes instead of using a certified toilet houses, the NPCs will just use the nearest idle spot (Some other AI Package overriding their behaviour, didn't want to mess with it and remove anything from actors)
* You can activate the mesh of the toilet house from outside


- Compatibility -

* I think it is compatible with everything, even other peeing mods.
* Mods like Sexlab Aroused may override the Schlong state. Only a visual conflict, I hope to find a fix soon.
* Wearing DD Devices can mess up playing of the correct sexlab animations.

- Hotkey Usage -

- short press of info key: Show info about bladder and bowel states
- long press of info key: Show Menu

- short press of action key: pee
- long press of action key: poop


- Menu Usage -

If you have something under your crosshair, the menu behaves differently. If you aim at a toilet and select the option to add/remove toilet, it will remove
the toilet. Same thing for the pee and poop commands. If they are aimed at an NPC, the NPC will perform the action (as soon as possible).
Removing of a toilet, which is used by a tracked NPC, will only be executed if the NPC is finished with his business

- Uninstall -

* Reset the mod before uninstalling! It will remove all toilets you may have placed in your world!


AddOns: [not tested in PAF 3.0 SSE alpha!]

- DD Belt Addon to register emptying your bladder from the belt menu (Needs PAF 1.3+), DD Devices restrict some actions
- Bathing in Skyrim Addon to register cleaning yourself, if you use the bathing function in Bathing in Skyrim (Needs PAF 1.4+)
- iNeed

WARNING: AddOns aren't tested and they were sloppily implemented by overwriting some scripts.
Use with extreme caution. Shouldn't break your saves or anything, but you might want to uninstall addons, if you encounter bugs.


Thanks to:

ZAZ and XAX for their animation framwork
Ashal and co. for sexlab
murfk for slavetats
fore for FNIS and his animation hacks
Janx0r for moddeling poop
Leito for his awesome animations
Arrok for his awesome animations
Zyn for his awesome animations
Net Immerse Override team
SkyUI team
SKSE team for their awesome script extender
People, whose resources were used and I forgot to mention
Loverslab team for hosting and knowledge
strotis & Tamira for Strotis Outdoor Toilet Resource
LivingInfinite for the poop body textures
Lucia1 and Helios for awsome diaper models and textures

=== Changelog ===

* 1.0
initial release

* 1.1
added Devious Devices Integration support... You can only poo without having anal plugs or closed belts. Don't put a gag on your toilet!
added mod reset and update functionality
repicked animations

fixed a bug which allowed hotkeys to be used while in a menu
fixed a bug with the scaling slider not displaying the correct value after changing it
fixed a bug with targeting actors

you can safely update from the previous versions. If you run into problem, please reset the mod in the MCM Menu

* 1.2
added limited stripping option
added new recipe for toiler paper to be craftable with linen

fixed toilet paper weighting far too much
fixed a bug about hotkey working in menues. Should have been in the last patch, but was accidentally not included
fixed a bug about SkyUI missing a reference alias to the player.

* 1.3
DD Armbinder now prevent you from undressing and cleaning yourself, also prevents some animations (you can still take a swim)
improved mod detection script and version displaying

fixed a bug related to DD plugs that would slow down scripts. Increased time between messages relating to plugs

* 1.4
Added rudimentary NPC Support. You can add/remove needs to 5 NPC of your choice. They have their own needs and relieve them independently. You may have to supply the toilet paper!
You can view NPC needs in the MCMMenu

fixed a bug in the MCMMenu (Your mod configuration will be reset by this update!)

* 1.5 (buggy mess, please do not use this version)
Added a few seconds grace period, if you got to the last stage of a need, so that you could react. Also added some animations when having high pressure needs
Added toilet support. You can use the hotkey menu to place/remove toilet houses (currently up to 20, you need "Strotis Outdoor Toilet Resource Mod"!)
Added support for tracked NPCs using toilets (or you...) to relieve themselves
Added buffs/debuffs depending on your needs
Added ability to force NPCs to perform an action (via menu, if they are under your crosshair, the pee/poop options are commands for tracked NPCs)
Added ability to be used as a toilet for a selected actor or the tracked NPCs (the latter can be activated in the MCM)
Reduced overall verbosity of the mod and fixed some texts with false reflexive pronouns (still overall a bit horrible)
Changed hotkey usage slightly

fixed a bug that prevented you from pooping, when wearing an DD armbinder
fixed a bug that caused false reflexive pronouns to be displayed
This Update will again reset your mod configuration. Sorry :(
You have to run FNIS after installation of this update

* 1.6
reworked MCM for further expansion
improved toilet use of NPC. They now stand up correclty after use. Also fixed the door controls

fixed some hotkey issues (added seperate key to trigger the menu)
fixed Pee/Poop option of the menu not working
fixed playing animations, while other actions were active
fixed a bug that a sound effect didn't get stopped, if you did reset the mod while an action was performed
fixed a bug that would freeze actors temporarily, if you changed cells during an NPC action
fixed and improved automatic leak and poop routines
fixed issue where status notification were not displayed
fixed spells having a wrong effect
fixed various DD checks
fixed player use of toilets

* 1.7
small update, just some tidying of unused content
added facial animation during animations (player only, you can deactivate it in the MCM)

fixed an issue with scaling, if the scaling multiplicator was below 1. (will be corrected automatically)

* 1.8 (+ DD Addon 2.0)
fixed a bug that would prevent the mod from working properly, if Devious Devices wasn't installed
fixed a missing flag, that would create an error message in the CK upon loading this mod
moved all Devious Devices functionality into the addon for DD (new version!)
fixed a bug that would prevent status messages be displayed for NPC
fixed a bug that could cause a CDT, when sitting on a toilet

* 1.9 (+ DD Addon 2.1)
Added additional stripping options (you can choose which slots should be stripped)
Added option to skip undressing animation
Added option that you only need toilet paper for pooping
Added option to disable auto leak features
Added option to disable animations, if bowels or bladder are full
Changed dirt textures (now included [/textures/actors/character/slavetats/PAF])
Changed how dirt is applied sligthtly.
Added more kinky stuff

fixed some text messages
fixed a bug that removed undressing animations from the player
fixed a bug that would allow an actor to pee in the players mouth even if the player is in a dialogue
fixed a bug with NPC wanting to pee in the players mouth even if not in the same location
fixed a bug that could prevent NPC from using toilet paper
fixed a bug that broke belly scaling functionality in 1.8
fixed NPC not using toilets (because a quest property was unbound in 1.8, you have to make a "clean" safe, sorry!)
1. Update to version 1.9 first!
2. Load savegame
3. Reset PAF
4. Save
5. Disable PeeAndFart.esp
6. Load savegame
7. Save
8. Enable PeeAndFart.esp
... Or use a savegame cleaner of your choice and delete all paf_* - scripts and their instances

DD Users need to install the newest version of the addon (2.1). If you don't do this, bad think will happen to the world.
fixed a bug that a DD armbinder didn't prevent cleaning with toilet paper

* 2.0 (beta release)
Added craftable diapers with butt scaling (UUNP prebuild and Bodyslide files for UUNP HDT Special & CBBE HDT)
- credit goes to Lucia1 and Helios
To install:
1. Open Bodyslide
2. Choose Body (Unified UNP Special or CBBE HDT for example)
3. Choose your prefered preset
4. In the upper right corner type "PAF"
5. Click Batch Build
6. Choose 2 options most corresponding to your Body (normal and dirty option)
7. diapers are currently a beta feature and they might clip alot. They use the Schlong slot 52, so you could use SOS to adjust them showing under your armor[set armor to revealing])
8. I have no idea, if these files work for you. I personally use a UUNP HDT Special Body with the UNP preset. I have no idea how the CBBE version behaves.
9. Males use a different diaper model i originally wanted to use for females too, but I didn't get it to work for now.

Added Menu to choose animations of your preference (currently only for peeing; added Arrok and ZaZ animations)
Added option to disable moaning during pooping
Added growing peeing puddles
Added toilet bucket (for indoor use)
Added receipe to clean diaper at any cooking station

fixed a bug that would apply dirt if leaking urine although the option to deactivate this was selected
fixed a bug that would apply the wrong texture not corresponding to dirt states
fixed a many bugs and introduced many new ones (butt scaling takes some time to update after removing a diaper for example)

DD Users need to install the newest version of the addon (2.2). If you don't do this, bad think will happen to the world.

* 2.1 (forgot to update readme :/)

- fixed and broke stuff -

* 2.2 (Mod will reset itself for this update)

added 2 custom peeing animations for females and 3 stripping animations
added possibility that NPC have dirty sex with each other (beta, and priority is NPC -> Player, if you activate both options)
Added dirt penalty when leaking
Added debuffs if dirty

fixed a bug that would enable player controls after pooping if slavetats applied a tattoo
fixed a bug that where a hidden dirt overlay application stopped player controls for a short time
fixed a bug that would prevented diapers worn by NPC to get dirty
fixed a wrongly initialized array that would spam the papyrus log with errors
fixed NPC moving while peeing for most cases (hopefully, difficult to test; they just never do what they are told)
fixed some typos
fixed controls not being disabled for the player while using a toilet
reworked and updated NPC behaviour (they still do their business after one another)
improved BIS Support (Would welcome feedback, if any bathing action doesn't remove the PAF dirt overlays and doesn't reset your dirt state or that of NPC)
NPC now don't use toilets, if they have diapers equipped
cleaned and changed texture of first dirt stage slightly
changed default values for scaling
NPC now relieve themselves on a later state
NPC don't pee/poop if they are sleeping/on mount or sneaking
Readded check to detect, if player is in dialoge
Added checks to ensure actors are valid for sexlab scenes
fixed Devious Devices integration
removed option to toggle toilet paper use for peeing
NPC now create poop items, if sitting on a bucket
You now need toilet paper if using a toilet
Your dirt state doesn't increase anymore, if you wear a diaper

* 2.3 (forgot to update readme :/)

- fixed and broke stuff -


* 2.4

added debuffs for dirt
added options to enable/disable specific buffs
added option to disable player needs

fixed NPC behaviour for good (sadly 2.3 could freeze NPC, this fix frees them again)
fixed some papyrus warnings related to mentioned bugs

* 2.5

added possibility to pee/poop in bottles (most forms of empty wine bottles will do)
added animations for peeing/pooping in bottles (thanks to leito again)
added receipe for cooking bottled pee/poop
added ingredients from cocked pee/poop
restructured menus to make room for more options
changed effects of poop items

fixed "kink menu" cancel button
fixed some minor bugs
removed accidental changes in a cell
added missing esp file from the last FOMOD version

* 2.6

added option to enable pressure animations during leaking (disabled by default)
added tags to the food items of PAF to be recognized by many eating/drinking needs mods
added rudimentary addon for INeeds (eating/drinking increased your bowels/bladder state)

fixed a bug that could cause pressure animations be played while filling bottles


* 2.7 (your animation settings will be reset)

Added option to make relieving your needs in public illegal (There are no changes to the vanilla crime system, so it should be compatible with mods changing it)
Added option that makes guards put diapers on you, if you were indecent (time you are forced to wear them can be configured)

Added 2 animations for peeing/pooping (just poses)
Pooping animation can now be changed

Added an animation to cleaning yourself with toilet paper (slow and clunky. it is my first one, probably going to improve it, can be toggled)

Added option to disable peeing (some related text might still be displayed)

Added option previously only accessible by spells to the menu
Added option to remove spells

Increased update interval of the player status changes

Added support for Realistic Needs and Diseases

Fixed "ownership" of poop issue


* 3.0

added animation selector for kink options (animation tab)

Features missing:
old on screen messages not implemented!



added a simple addon for integration with the Keeping it Clean mod.




Edited by trognog
removed false info for new version

What's New in Version 4.0


* 4.0 early WIP


- recompiled all scripts with newer mod versions

- Removed ZAZ as dependency and repackaged needed resources

- Adopted scaling to modern bodies and included diaper bodyslide files (bad ones, but should be working)

- Added addon to integrate with vanilla survival (time settings still apply and scale with food value, effects are immediate)

- Removed several addons, compatibility needs to be tested

- other minor improvements

- removed false and confusing update messages from MCM loading


Please let me know if something isn't working correctly, this is an early WIP build


Sorry - borked the first upload, please use RC3 ?

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