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Four adult comics, you can choose each seperately or download all of them merged in a rar file. (Cost 35 in-game) Also help level up in charisma ! -- Only four for now since they take so much time to make especially since I can't do swatches like I do with the posters, but I'll be making more soon if these get a pretty good amount of downloads :^)  Willing to do requests so hit me up if you'd like some specific comics ! 


There will most likely be no more updates for these comics but I am going to upload more comics that level up different skills in the future ! Thank you for downloading and liking ! :))

What's New in Version 1.0.0



The new version 2 of the comics looks more neat in the game, for those who want their

comics more cartoonish looking :^)


-- Shotgun Mary has been added !--

-- Picture of Lookers has been added !--

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