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Baywatch Style Swimsuit for YA/A Females 1.0.0

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About This File

  • This CC is completely free
  • You can modify it in any way you want and I don't really care about being credited. That said, if you make changes to it, I simply ask two things:
    1. If you decide to upload it somewhere, keep it free. Don't put it behind a paywall.
    2. Share it with me. There are lots of talented creators out there who can no doubt improve on my stuff and I'd love to see where you take it. Even if you don't think what you've made is very good, share it anyway. Your basic idea might inspire me or someone else to improve it further or to make something entirely new based on your design.

  • If you have requests, try me. The worst that can happen is you get a no. Just don't ask me to mesh. I only do textures/retextures and I wouldn't even call myself an expert at that.




  • This a Baywatch style one piece swimsuit. It features the famous high cut at the front and over the hips and doesn't cover much on the back, just the way we liked it back in the 90's ;)  (Although I was always a little sad that none of the Baywatch "babes" had any real curves to show off, except for their boobs. Don't get me wrong, boobs are great, but I'm a booty man, first and foremost :smiley: )
  • This swimsuit comes in two versions: as a full body outfit and as a top. I orginally made this as a top only, so I could combine it with the ITF leggings nude bottom I've uploaded elsewhere and get that wedgie effect, but then JoshQ explained to me how to get that mesh onto a full body outfit and I decided to make and upload both. Now the full body outfit comes complete with wedgie - as originally intended when I started this project almost three years ago - and you also have the option to download the top and pair it with a sarong, some shorts or a pair of pants if you want to. The two files don't conflict with each other, so you can have both without any problems.
  • Base game compatible with version 1.67 (haven't tried it on earlier versions, but it should work, as the mesh is a standalone)
  • For young adult and adult females
  • Enabled for all categories (in case you want to send your sims to work or to a fancy restaurant wearing a skimpy swimsuit ;) )
  • One color channel
  • Custom thumbnail




  • I never really got the shading quite right around the boobs and bellybutton, so if anyone wants to take a crack at improving that, go right ahead. Please share if you succeed :smile:




  • JoshQ here at LoversLab for explaining to me in simple, understandable terms how to make the full body outfit that I've been struggling with and finding workarounds for for three years. As of writing, we're less than halfway through 2018, but unless some crazy shit happens over the course of the rest of year where someone gives me a million dollars or saves my life, I'm pretty sure you'll end up on my top 5 "Personal Heroes of the Year" list at the end of December :smiley:

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