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video https://vimeo.com/265888929

 Replacer  Interior Decorating aka LB-ID


Adds 28 paintings .

Did 7 option packages paintings:

1.LBInteriorDecorating(armando huerta)

2.LBInteriorDecorating(Julius Zimmerman)

3.LBInteriorDecorating(luxurious asses)



6.LBInteriorDecorating(Jiggly girls)

7.LBInteriorDecorating(fantasy) (without fanaticism - can be used even by children).

Author original mod:Little Baron.

Link to the original https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12643

Description from the original:

Adds variety to glazed pottery, adds varied flower
pots and planters throughout civilized Skyrim
small purchaseable statues, player placeable paintings,
and miscellaneous gew-gaws for your home decorating pleasure.


Adds variety to glazed pottery, adds varied flower
 pots and planters throughout civilized Skyrim, 
small purchaseable statues, player placeable paintings,
 and miscellaneous gew-gaws for your home decorating pleasure.

Also adds a bit of dirt to the large empty pots in places
 like Proudshire Manor, removes many of the ugly 'wall baskets' 


For the most part everything operates like normal in-game clutter,
 with the exception that all the custom objects are bottom heavy so they are much easier to move around.

Paintings are special objects: When you drop one into the world,
 after about a second it will re-align itself so it is facing you
 and will remain stuck in the air. If you click on it you will be
 given a menu which will allow you to move it around and even re-size it (see the screenshot).

The merchants who carry the decorative goods are:

Belethor of Belethor's General Goods
Sayma of Bits & Pieces in Solitude
Lisbet of Arnlief & Sons in Markarth
Birna of Birna's Oddments in Winterhold
Revyn of Sadri's Used Wares in Windhelm
Bersi of The Pawned Prawn in Riften
Tonilia in the Ragged Flagon in Riften

Tonilia will also sell a few items that would be considered 'illegal' in Skyrim, such as daedric statues.

Merchant's 'decorative' stock changes every few days.


This mod does not touch any cell or NPC directly. The merchants get their new items via a script,
 the wall baskets are eliminated via .nif trickery and the glazed objects alter themselves via scripting again.
 In short there should be almost no conflicts with other mods, unless they alter the following base item forms: 

Glazed02Jug01 GlazedPotteryBase01 GlazedPotteryBase02 GlazedPotteryBase03 GlazedBowl01
GlazedBowl02 GlazedGoblet01 GlazedJugLarge01 GlazedJugSmall01 GlazedPlate01 GlazedPot01
GlazedPot02 BasketClosed01 WallBasket01 WallBasket03 WallBasketHex02 WallBasketLarge02


Rarely the process of creating a room full of replaced glazed clutter results in
 a few items getting knocked out of place. Also, if you are paying close attention
 when you enter a new location you will see the glazed clutter getting replaced within
 the first few seconds after entering. This was coded on purpose in the interest of game stability.

Rarely you may move a painting far enough into a wall that after 'finishing' it
 (and even though you can still see the painting) the painting is no longer accessible.
 Make sure you're happy with the placement before clicking 'finish', just in case!

If you un-install this mod, any place you visited prior to a save where the pottery
 was changed will be devoid of any pottery. Try this mod out, and if for some reason
 you don't like it, revert to a save you made before you installed it.

Using Jaxonz Positioner https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52583,
 you can hang these glorious paintings in your player-homes.


Set only one of the seven options.


SKSE 1.7.1 and above,





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