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  1. varfolomey

    Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    LK. [Melodic] QT Nightwear CBBE BS RUS. LK. [Melodic] QT Nightwear CBBE BS RUS.7z
  2. varfolomey

    Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    LK.[COCO]virgin СВВЕ BS RUS LK.[COCO]virgin СВВЕ BS RUS.7z
  3. varfolomey

    Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    #8012 Hey does anybody have the Bloodcrystal dress mod? I had to do a clean Install of Skyrim, so all the clothing/armor mods I had are all gone and I actually still have the bodyslide rar file for it but not the original mod. the author of the mods page is down so I couldn't grab it from there and I couldn't find it anywhere else. [Melodic] Bloodcrystal cbbe BodySlide RUS.7z
  4. varfolomey

    Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    Where do i get that red robin lounge with the pictures included? Red salon is a mod-Aether Suite 3.7.0-Operation Eldhrimnir, but the pictures are not there.Mod 140 paintings in the process of refinement, as I finish it - upload to the site.
  5. Hello, please help-replace( if you can) all the vertical frames of paintings (in Additem menu they go under the following numbers painting 25,26,27,28,53,54,55,56,81,82,83,84,109,111,12,138,139,140 - total 19 frames)on the horizontal.You did it with painting 137 nif.81.Please do separately for your frames and for wood.I have because of these vertical frames all the work stopped.All images in these frames are distorted.

    Upon completion of the three options Art Gallery Skyrim 140 - the first download - you.

  6. varfolomey

    Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    Hey there, has this outfit called Mage Robes been done yet? If so, could someone please provide me with a link? If not, would someone please do it? Mage Robes cbbe hdt BodySlide Mage Robes.7z
  7. I'm doing this mod for 140 pictures, I'll finish the work - I'll post it on the site.

  8. varfolomey

    Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    I am sure this has been done, but I am having a pain of a time finding it. So here goes, anyone here able to Make this into CBBE HDT BS? The conversion pack posted last summer has MOST Tera Online's swim suits, but I noticed this one was missing and this one happens to be my most fave from Tera. Any help or Links to a conversion would be super awesome. Tera Monokini cbbe hdt-in the screenshots of shoes from fashion CBBE Heels Collection.Original shoes from fashion are not converted to CBBE and there is a cut-off of the foot.If someone can convert and shoes-a big thank you. Tera Monokini cbbe hdt.7z
  9. The author of this assembly of dances considers himself Hoolt 555 (he is registered on this site), but the authorship can be considered conditional. He stole the Fung Dance fashion and based on it gathered all the dance animations that were made for Skyrim from such mods as Kate's companion,  from fashion luxury suites and others. He wanted to get decent money for this assembly, but in the form in which it is (of 200 dances - 150 can be immediately thrown into the trash because of the animation curve and no synchronous music), no one paid for the shit  . I gathered from this assembly 37 best dances in the fashion Dance Toge  ther, replaced all the music and laid out on this site (many users asked for it). The mod lasted for two days - there were loads of fashion, but hoolt 555 showed up and presented my rights. I gave the moderator a link to the original Fung Dance (your  compatriot) - despite this, the mod from the site removed. The name of the dance is written in esp.  - I changed the duration of the dance in it when I replaced dances and music. As for scripts for fashion, I do not know. On this topic you should talk to your compatriot Realclone, he is registered on this site. He has many dances on YouTube and here is a link to his  patch camera for dancing 


    1. zzlaq1


      "your compatriot Realclone", he met the same situation with you, he imported some hkx from mmd, and sold out, was attacked on the site from mmd funs, so he closed to public dance mod, and limited to a small group that had be paid a small amount of money to join in.


      As for funs and players as us, every edition is valuable, not for business selling, but for our free playing, afterall, most mod are for free. The meaning "valuable" of mine is that every player of us had our own interst and reserch of the mod, one can not do all this solo, every change gathered from us will make the mod more intersting.

      "The name of the dance is written in esp.  - I changed the duration of the dance in it when I replaced dances and music." What you had edited is also useful. Though you just replace something on a huge amount (128 dance).

      And when I tested recently, in the middle of the dance, when animation start, the camera focus move to a high location, first I am not suitable for this. Then I tried to open tfc again in console, then came out the interesting thing. The camera foucus can be moved freely when dance animated, sometime I moved it under the actor skirt like 3 years old baby, somtimes I moved it to the front lower foot of the actor, just like sit in the first line of a strip club, and see the girls dance for me, this is amazing, for the original mod, the camera can not be moved so easilly,( for the camera use the player view point) and with you edit of duration, I had time to adjust the camera, for the dance not start immediatly, had a 3 to 5 seconds before start.

      As for Hoolt 555, his contrabution to the mod is obvious, after all he gathered so many hkx, in our commity, they still use the 44 dance version, and when new animation came out, had just to be replaced for some old. If not for sold, may not be kicked out.

  10. About the dance mod you sent to me, I saw different versions, like V4,V5,V6, like the author keep unpdating and add more dance, do you know how to add the dance(hkx and music, and also the script editing),

    in CK, I can add the music, but dont know where to define the idle animation.

    And don't know the script relations, in the script xdancemcm, can I add the music name to display in the mcm menu in game, but I don't know how the script xdancestarteffect to connect the music audio with the hkx idle animation.

  11. Beautiful lingerie set with full animation of the gown - Sexy Lingerie Set BodySlide ( the users love these things).Mod in Russian and has some flaws.After putting on - a gap in the ankles of the legs (slit),some clipping clothes-especially stockings.I attached a video with this kit-there all the flaws are visible.If you want to translate the mod to English , fix the error and put this mod on the site loverslab - problems with copyright will not.



    1. zzlaq1


      Got it, I'll check and see.

    2. zzlaq1


      1 The esp file had translated to English as attached below

      2 chang the baseshape of my game to cbbe-hdt(I use cosio hdt vegina body as baseshape), and test the stocking, no clip for me, don't know waht baseshape and preset you use, sometime the preset casuse some clipping(you would enlarge a little of the clipping part in outfitstudio according to the preview in BS with your preset).

      3 the hdt xml not work for me, it's clip, looked from the video, seemed working fine for you.

      4 the baseshape within the mod after bs, had gap with hand and feet.

      5 the boot are not real high heel.

      I will

      1 check in the CK or TesVedit, to see if the armoraddon refer to the right nif after BS

      2 Chang the baseshape of the outfit that in slot 32 with baseshape needed in the project file( or you can try this yourself), to see if it can solve the problem 4 above.

      3 edit the boots to real high heel.

      4 repaint the bodyweight of the outfit that hdt xml affected, and delete the xml file in the mesh dir, for it's not work for me( for now, I had not researched how to edit the xml file)

      after the 4 above solved, I will change the baseshape to my own, to see if it work fine.( sometime when I do this, the stocking clipping will appear)


  12. I have already downloaded the mod Mountain Park with your videos.I will finish all the options of the art gallery 140 and install. If, you do in mountain Park strip bar with dancing strippers - this perhaps?

    1. zzlaq1


      ”I will finish all the options of the art gallery 140 and install“

      Congratulations, finally, I Know it's a long and bald work, just like I translate the esp, translate the all 140 activators and 140 miscobjs, but after all you finished it with pleasure.

      "If, you do in mountain Park strip bar with dancing strippers - this perhaps?"

      Yes,  realy there, though not like your thought first to make a stage over the swimming pool, it do have the effect of that.



    2. zzlaq1


      Want to dance here in the picture below?



      The original was a mod posted here in a blog.


      I add  mapmark and transport gate for the citysquare, other 3 cell can go by console:

      coc 00IlluSubwayStation
      coc 00IlluTrain2
      coc 00IlluTrainDusk

      I had not add mapmark and transport gate for them. These four cells are original one nif model in a cell, I broke the nifs in the citysquare into pieces and reequipted in CK, and add the way in and out.

      TESV 2018-05-04 14-02-59-63.jpg

      TESV 2018-05-04 14-03-09-11.jpg

      TESV 2018-05-04 14-03-17-09.jpg

      TESV 2018-05-04 14-03-32-07.jpg

      TESV 2018-05-04 14-03-49-66.jpg




  13. Music from movie and ballet,if am not mistaken,Romeo and Juliet.This music is in the Assembly of dance.

    1. zzlaq1


      Thanks, I'd taste the dance form bottom to top, but had not finished, afterall it's so many, I am enjoying in it now.

    2. zzlaq1


      Want to dance here?

      In the highland park, in the middle of the room, there are two little blue plate on the middle pole to open the fish pool display and the light on and off. 


  14. I am very glad that you came dance mod.In many dances, I replaced the music on his own.If you put the video of the dance in YouTube with your music don't put music very famous ispolnitelei Madonna,band Nazareth,Deep purple, otherwise due to copyright infringement - the video is blocked.In the dance do not assign a dancer to be his main persanazh otherwise, after the dance, he usually loses control.Assign beautiful companions to dance-they do not lose control after the dance.In esp. you can change the duration of any dance ,if you replace the short dance on long and Vice versa.Again - if there is a mod on the stability of the animation in the dance and the rotation of the camera during the dance download me.81.nif file podoshel - thank you.

    Uploaded 5 videos blocked on YouTube.One for copyright infringement is Madonna's song.The other four - the content of a sexual nature - picture.These are examples that your work did not disappear.






    1. zzlaq1


      Thanks for noticing, I understand that copyright is a big problem on public posting, I will be care of that.

    2. zzlaq1


      Like the music in dance 5, felt vey familiar, like the music in a film, mind tell me the name of music, and the name of dance in dance 5, I want try it also.

  15. You misunderstood me - I need a nif file for 137 painting in wooden frame for an original fashion. That file (gothic81.nif), when I put it in the original mod - horizontal frame, but without a wooden texture - it's just blue.As for the fashion for dance 200 dance half with defects of the animation.So I asked the mod to the stability of the animation in the dance.On video dance looks better in a dark place with illumination of that place where dance.You have a good place - if the pool water is covered with glass-the sides of the pool glow blue - wall it with glass walls with pictures and make the illumination of the glass floor and dance at night.The hair of the dancers - animated(animated fashion for wigs).Clothing -, too, desirable animated (fashion there is,but very little).I've seen you do conversions of clothes yourself, but HDT is not enough-you need to have clothes in dance move, develop as in life.Link: 



    1. zzlaq1


      1 Ok, I will do it right now, here you are, painting 137(refer to gothic81.nif) using square frame with the orignal wood texture in mod 140.

      2 I will think of your idea to put an glass floor on the pool, and add some light in the pool

      3 about the outfit moving in dancing, it need hdt xml support to made part of the outfit moving, I'd using and seen some outfit had that function.

      4 And thanks for your dance mod, I will try.


    2. zzlaq1


      I'd tested the dance mod from you, it worked good for me.


      Thanks for that, I'd get away from the noisy Japanese music and too motive dance action.


      I am now deeply absorbed by the dance music and the classic dance action of the mod  from you.


      And I wonder to know it's you to intergrate all these classic and stylish music and dance together, or got from other artist, no matter how, it's amazing and fantastic to gether so many music and dance together, for as I told you earlier, in my commuty, they do had made many hkxs and musics of dance, but no one gethered them together, just replace one by one, but for a dance fun, I don't want to miss any chance to taste different style of music and dance, so the mod from you gave me a very good experience to taste so many music and dance.


      For a long time, I want to taste the Eoropa style music and dance, you gave me this opptunity to fulfill my wish.


      Thanks again and with great respect to you, my friend.