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LDW's Crimson Closet for UNP Slim, UNP, UNP?, and UNPB 14

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About This File

Welcome to LDW's Crimson Closet


Th is a collection of stuff that probably has no business being in Skyrim, but its my closet.

:P Feel free to browse. Take what you wish.

Everything that I make is free to use, all I ask is that if you do something unique, post a screen shot in the forum. Always looking for ideas.



Bad Girls Club for UNP-Slim





Here is a collection of stuff that has no business in Skyrim.

:P A whole bunch of stuff I cut up, remade, ripped apart and put back together along with a whole lot of "How the hell am I supposed to make that". Six tops, Ten Bottoms, Two boots and two sneakers along with a belt and wrist wraps with or without spikes. Included in this is the Studded Rogue from below, that I spit the top and bottom into separate parts. If you already have that this will NOT over-write anything. Everything is split up as much as possible for your enjoyment.. HDT is required for the one pair of tall boots. Craft-able at a forge under hide or type help BGC


*Missing .esp file is now available.


















Studded Rogue for UNP-Slim





Yea, I suck naming stuff.
Apparently I finished this last year, but it got lost and forgotten about. It has a longer version of Rogue 3's Gauntlets, plus 2 different jeans with a single top and spiked boots. Craft-able or type
help rogue



















Arcane Violet Dress for UNP-Slim





This was supposed to be a quick one to make, but I decided to add a bunch of violet spells. Some of them were not working the way I wanted them to, so for the moment I removed them all but one. The rest will come later once I figure out what the issue is. There are some very small unused texture files in the folder for the spells. I left them in for later use.

Has the Dress, Gauntlet and Violet Lightning spell. Dress and glove are craft-able under Elven, for the Spell Tome, Type
Help Violet
or help
for everything.














Dread Pirate Roberts for UNP-Slim




Hear is a simple design inspired by The Princess Bride. There are no rules that say Dread Pirate Roberts next incarnation cannot be a woman so here it is. Comes with top in black and white, separate pants, boots, mask, head-wrap and hat. Craft-able under hide, or type help "Dread P"



















Simple Chain-Mail Top Add-On for UNP-Slim, UNP and UNPB





Here is an add-on for the chain mail top. This will only over-write the .esp file. It adds two new folders that contain the new top, gauntlets and shoes. If you have made changes to the original .nif's, it will not mess with them.















Drow Ranger for UNP-Slim, UNP






This time it is actually somewhat lore-friendly armor. Main outfit has optional cloak (more like a cape) and cloak with hood. Has gauntlets, boots and mask. HDT is required for the boots. Craft-able under Elven. More Pictures here.











Simple Chain-Mail Top for UNP-Slim, UNP and UNPB





I posted one single image of a chain-mail top as a joke, and it seems like a whole lot of people want this, so here it is. It's different from that original image, that one is lost somewhere on my hard drive, so I made a new one. Added a cheap ,10 min panty to go with it. Added a re-textured version as a T-shirt as well. Craft-able under Elven Goes by the name Chainmail Top and T Shirt. More Pictures here:


























Rogue II Update for UNP-Slim, UNP and UNPB




Here is an update to Rogue II. Adds a slightly smaller and slightly restyled top to make room for the mini skirt. Also a really short top. Added boots to make up for the fact that without pants the shoes would look funny. Arm coverings are now a separate item. Comes in Black and white. Craft-able and enchant-able Under the name of Rogue Seductress. (I suck at names

:P ) You must have my original Rogue II installed and then Update it with this one.






free uploader








Arcane Rogue White Update for UNP-Slim, UNP, UNPB






Here is a requested update Arcane Rogue to add a white a option. This will only add a new .esp along with two additional folders. The only thing it will over-write is the .esp.











White and Black sweater Update for Winter Sweaters

includes optional whiter white.




Here is a requested update to Winter sweaters to add a white and black option. This will only add a new .esp along with two additional folders. The only thing it will over-write is the .esp. Belts are now Enchant-able. Also added the optional whiter whites if the white is not bright enough.

































Arcane Knickers Ver. 1.3 for UNP-Slim,UNP and UNPB

UNP and UNPB coming soon





Hey...its underwear. What else can I say. Two patterns each in black and white, along with stockings. Also added bonus "cut out" version.(Type 5 and 6). Due to the fact that the Alpha's are gray and not just black and white in order to shot the pattern, They will disappear when looking into water from outside. As far as I can tell there is is no fix to allow multiple semitransparent textures to display on top of each other. Transparent yes but semitransparent no. If I ever find one ore somebody figures it out I;ll update it. Craft-able under Elven. Made some small changes and also added a new 1-piece and and matching stocking, replacing krist's 1-piece.



























Studded Leather 5 Ver. 1.1 for UNP-Slim UNP and UNPB

UNP and UNPB Coming soon






A leather outfit consisting of the top with shorts, boots and Bracers. Craft-able and Enchant-able under leather. HDT is Required for the boots. Added additional additional somewhat "Vanilla" color option so we can at least attempt to be Lore-Friendly. :P



















Arcane Heat for UNP-Slim, UNP and UNPB

UNP and UNPB coming soon




One really skimpy swimsuit in 4 colors. Two out of the four are using a double mesh to keep them from disappearing when you are half in and out of the water. The third one is metallic, and the forth one is in a semi-transparent shade, that I have not been able to keep from disappearing when looking through water due to its color. If I figure it out I'll patch it. Craft-able under elven.















Arcane Sister Ver. 1.2 for UNP-Slim, UNP and UNPB

UNP and UNPB coming soon





Arcane Sister consist of dress, boots, bracers, habit and glasses. Craft-able and enchant-able under leather. The dress .nif is a little bit larger due to the fact it has a double mesh. Because it it semi-transparent, that is the only solution I have ever found to keep it from disappearing when you are half in and out of the water. HDT is Required for the boots. Stocking on boots have been fixed to prevent black texture under certain lighting conditions and have been double meshed to keep from disappearing under water. File for UNPB is updated to 1.2 to correct wrong texture path on white Boot 0 weight. Replacement file is posted for those who have version 1.1 Arcane Sister UNPB Boot Fix















Red Viper's Racing Swimsuit for UNP-Slim, UNP and UNPB

UNP and UNPB coming soon




Here is Red Viper's Racing swimsuit. Available in 5 colors plus 5 with transparency. Available for purchase at Warmaiden's from Ulfberth in Whirerun. As usual, the semi-transparent version will disappear when looking into the water from outside. I don't think there will ever be a workaround for this.




















Arcane Rogue for UNP, UNP-Slim and UNPB





A leather light armor set for the arcane rogue. Main outfit comes in long and short with boots and gloves. I used the Supergirl boots because I like them and they match the outfit well. HDT is required for the boots. Craft-able and enchant-able under leather.















Supergirl / Kara armor





Supergirl and a more lore friendly armor version. Craf-table and enchant-able under elven. HDT is required for the boots.













Power Girl for UNPB



Why?.... Why not! Only for UNPB because anything else does not properly display PowerGirl's natural endowments.

:PHDT is required for the boots. Craft-able and enchant-able under Elven. Or type "Power" in the console







Rogue II For UNP-Slim and UNP




Comes in Black/Red and White/Black Full Version and a Black/Red breezy version. All are classified as Light Armor and craft-able under Leather by the name "Rogue Wear". Comes with Gloves and "Tabi Shoes" .












Skin Tight Dragon-Wear For UNP, UNPB and UNP-Slim

Slim and UNPB coming soon


Needed something heaver and more durable to wear so I made this. Skin-Tight Dragon-Wear. HDT for the Boots is Required. Comes in Light and heavy versions craft-able under Dragonscale. Goes by the name Skintight for those console users. Cuirass, gloves and boots. Available in Dragon green/brown and Black.




Winter Sweaters for UNP-Slim





I started out making just one sweater, but that has now turned into 6. Six sweaters in four colors. The file size is larger than it would normally be because i did not use Texture Sets in the CK, so each sweater type and color has its own .nif file. A lot of people wanted to change and add their own textures and other things to the body and using texture sets make that harder. I also included a gray copy of the textures so you can make your own colors and the two layers I used for the socks.

Comes with a belt and a boot/sock combo in four colors. I used the boots from Ladybody. Craft-able and upgrade-able under hide. Uses the name Winter Sweater.















Black Jacket for UNP, UNP-Slim and UNPB



Quite a few people have wanted a short black jacket so here it is. I used the jacket from here

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/30977/? by Hardard and Denkigroove. Removed the dress and re textured it to black. I added a one piece underneath it. Spent too much time trying to fix a problem with the mesh and ran out of time, so UNPSlim and UNPB will be a few more days. Available in black cloth and Black leather. Craft-able and enchant-able.





Vampirella for UNP Slim and UNP And Now UNPB comming soon







Just in time for Halloween Comes in traditional red and a lore friendly brown leather

:lol:. Craft-able and enchant-able under leather. Also included is the F.A.K.K 2 Sword from Heavy Metal. Found it in a folder full of weapons. Anybody want a rocket launcher? Craftable under Daedric.













What's New in Version 14


  • -- Added Studded Rogue for Unp-Slim
  • -- Added Arcane Violet Unp-Slim
  • -- Removed Original studded leather for pending update
  • -- Added Add-on for Chainmail top
  • -- Added UNP for Drown Ranger
  • -- Added Drow ranger armor and Simple Chainmail Top
  • -- Added Update to Rogue II
  • -- Added White option for Arcane Rogue
  • -- Added and Combined Black and White for Winter Sweaters
  • -- Added Replacement 1-Piece for Arcane Knickers.
  • -- Added white color for Winter Sweaters
  • -- Added UNP and UNPB for Acrane Knickers and fixed incorrect boot texture path for Arcane Sister UNPB
  • -- Added UNP and UNPB for Studded Leather 5 Plus additional color
  • -- Added UNP and UNPB for Arcane Heat
  • -- Update to Arcane Sister to 1.1 along with adding UNP and UNPB
  • -- Added UNP and UNPB for RV's Swimsuit
  • -- Added Red Viper's Racing Swimsuit for UNP-Slim
  • -- Added new Arcane Knickers for UNP-slim
  • -- Added new Studded Leather 5 for UNP-Slim
  • -- Added new Arcane Sister and Arcane Heat for UNP-Slim
  • -- Added UNPB for Arcane Rogue
  • -- Added new Arcane Rogue for UNP and UNP-Slim
  • -- Added Supergirl / Kara armor UNPSlim
  • -- Added powergirl for UNPB
  • -- Added new Rogue II Outfit
  • -- added UNPB and UNP-Slim for Dragon-Wear
  • -- Uploaded New Skin Tight Dragon-wear.
  • -- Corrected shadow on some sweater textures
  • -- New Sweaters for UNPSlim
  • -- UNP-Slim and UNPB added for Black Jacket
  • -- New Black Jacket
  • -- New Vamp armor added
  • -- Latex set now frio UNP UNPB and UNPSlim
  • -- New Latex set added
  • -- Now with real UNPB w/Bonus Armor
  • -- Add new 1-piece,gauntlets, corset and tail
  • -- Added red color option to leggings
  • -- Adjusted Waist 1 to fit over new one piece.
  • -- Repaired error for occasional discoloration in hands.
  • -- Changed Bottoms slot from 40(Tail) to 54
  • -- Now with UNPB support
  • -- Added Tail without tail
  • -- Now with UNP, UNP slim, and UNPB

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