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About This File

Hi simmers,


I thought I should contribute something to this great community, so I'm going to slowly upload my sims for anyone to use and abuse.
All custom content that the sims use are supplied as well, as I hate going to other sites. However I must state that I have not created any of the custom content and thank the original authors/creators for their great work. Please support them as much as you can!!!!!


India is the other main character in a very dark fetish erotic story I am slowly writing that has all my darkest fantasies, as well as ideas from many of the erotic fiction I have read. Eve is the other character (who is already in downloads)


She is based on the British model India Reynolds (hence the name). If anyone would like to make her closer to the original, please don't hesitate and re-upload it here on the site! I would love the community to improve her, as I'm pretty bad at making sims.


Background of character:
India is a smart beautiful bouncy girl who lives with her older brother who is a couple years out of school, and her single father. She is the dux of the school and everyone loves her. Unfortunately that puts her in the cross hairs of Mr Fisk. Along with the buxom beauty Eve, he begins hypnotising her and slowly changing her personality, as well as increasing her sexual appetite.
Along the way, her fat uncle Charlie meets Mr Fisk, and together alongside her brother force India into a torrid orgy at home. Her uncle has had a crush on her since she was a child, and when he has the chance to force his deepest darkest desire onto his beautiful niece, he doesn't hold back. She is then made into the neighbourhood slut hole for anyone to use. And things just keep getting worse for her.