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Stardew Valley : Hot Barn & Marnie Twin Brother 1.4 [CP] Updated 1.4

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Now As a Content Patcher version.  Whole Conversion made by @TwentyUno

Huge Thanks for the conversion! 

++++++++++++NEW in 1.4:


Aside from the base Marnie Brother mod. @TwentyUno   Did an amazing job tweaking the dialogues and pronouns used, so basically Marnie´s Brother is now a full character now.




Your farmer got a brillant idea!
Milk, shave, pet and even breed your own slaves!.
(And yes, 2 male slaves can breed and reproduce... ¡Take that evolution!)


Hot Barn!


Content :
To my knowledge, i replaced all Barn animals
both cows
When you purchase new animals, the original icons will show at Marnie´s in her/his shop menu.
Baby and mature versions have the same look.




Marnie Twin Brother!


Marnie called his brother (called Marnie) to take care of the new farmer demands.
She moved away to visit her far away family and let her brother to take care of the "Animals".



Installation :


Need :


Content Patcher


Unzip/Unrar  inside your Mods folder

Both are NOT required to work. You can choose either one or both.




What's New in Version 1.4


  • 1.4 Updated Content patcher version 
  • -As today 02/0672017 it works with current SV version 1.11

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