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Official English name : Breeze Romantica


X + 1 --- toggle tops
X + 2 --- toggle bra (top open only)
X + 3 --- toggle arms
X + 4 --- toggle waist
Z + 1 --- toggle panty
Z + 2 --- toggle skirt length
Z + 3 --- toggle inner skirt
Z + 4 --- toggle skirt shape

Z + 5 --- toggle waist accessory
C + 1 --- toggle suit transparency
C + 2 --- toggle bra & panty transparency


Built with High Polygon and Smoother body ( V2 ) 


1.  Please install krunkDunk's GUI CVM.


---Right click on icons, you can toggle swimsuit status.
---R click on pictures, quickly load presets.
---You can memory original swimsuit status for 3 presets. Use "SAVE" and "LOAD" icon.


If you can't use GUICVM, rename "DISABLED_NoGUICVM.ini" to "NoGUICVM.ini".
And move all other ini files to "DISABLED" folder.
( "sub_gui.ini","mod.ini","combo.ini" )


2. This mod use hi-res nipples mesh by krunkDunk. 
   Please install recommended skin for each characters refer to my mods topic.




3.  This mod still have glitch with body mesh.
    With some angle & poses, unnecessary mesh render around body...


4.  Might be buggy if girls of same body type and the outfit are duplicated in the screen.

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