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 Hellooo dirty minded friends😊


im so happy that my creations have so many dowloads, and that so many of you like to play with my little Miu (pun intended😜)


And thank you so much for the Feedback and Pics of course the dirty ones too (the one knows who I mean🤭).


As thanks I make Saki from Scars of Summer and and a poor version of their house😅


It was a bit hasty but i hope you like Ryoukas naive Milf sister😙


If you like send me ideas....


Many kisses


your Miu😘





I tried to create Ryoka Enomoto from Scars of Summer because I love the game ?


If you have any comments or ideas, write to me and thank you very much for the over four hundred downloads of my little Miu.


And don't get cucked...or maybe you will ?




Miu :3




Edited by Miu-Miu-Otaku

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