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Adds new 81 sexy poses using Poser Hotkey Plus (Nexus) or Poser Hotkey SE (LL). I'm quite happy with the results but some poses might have bit of oddity with their wrists. There's lot of hands holding breasts so it's highly recommended to use NiOverride Pose Adjustments(LL) as it allows you to adjust pose to avoid clipping.

Required Mods
Poser Hotkey SE (LL) or Poser Hotkey Plus (Nexus)
FNIS (Nexus) or Nemesis (Nexus)

Recommended Mods

NiOverride Pose Adjustments(LL)

To adjust hands clipping into thighs or breasts

1. Simply put the files in Data folder or use Vortex/Mod Organizer to install.
2. Run Nemesis
3. Enjoy!

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