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A collection of ten works done by Japanese artist Shinji Horimura.


1. "Blessed" (2021, watercolour on paper)

2. "Eclipse" (2017, ink on paper)

3. "Hallation" (2017, ink on paper)

4. "Lagrimas del Mar" (2017, ink on paper)

5. "My Very First Fundoshi" (2021, watercolour on paper)

6. "Self Portrait 1" (2022, watercolour on paper)

7. "Self Portrait 2" (2022, watercolour on paper)

8. "The View from the Different Dimention Painting" (2022, clay paint on washi paper)

9. "Seven" (2023, clay paint on paper)

10. "Metallic Sky" (2021, watercolour on paper)


I do not own these images, all credit goes to the wonderful artist. This package is intended to showcase their work with respect. Do not claim these works as your own.

Edited by TorontoThonger

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