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Hi, I wanted to share with people the artwork that I found on the Internet and liked me, I decided to do it this way. 


I want to warn you, almost all the paintings have different frames, I chose them according to my taste.

I used some frames from DLC, if you don't have any DLC and you can check my files and tell if they work without DLC, I would be very grateful to you.


In the file - "AIO RandomPaintings 3 4k" - all images/files are merged into one package. 
The archive "Random Paintings 3 4k" just contains all 10 un-merged files, perhaps it will be more convenient for someone.

"AIO + separated Random Paintings 3 2k" contains paintings with a lower resolution, for those who want to save space on the computer or will not look closely at the paintings in the game. Inside the archive 10 un-merged files + AIO file.


In the spoiler, you can find out which file contains which picture. I try to add links to all authors if I can find them.






The Apprentice




Summer Series (All three images are in one file of the same name)

1b7394cba7d8ceb047dac3c65514d1d5da536504.jpg e2c3760137a890ddc39ecf70bb8b88cd84c2cc1b.jpg a58375d58487d39f4fd9280317f14cf585f6afd1.jpg



Malenia, Blade of Miquella




Going to school




Flying into the Spooky Season




Flowers and rabbits




Devoured by the sun








Akira 001




I will be glad to hear your opinion, criticism and advice on what I can improve, change or maybe that I should stop doing it at all.


Thank you for your time, have a nice weekend and holidays!


RandomPaintings 1

RandomPaintings 2

Other Files from Unst4b1e

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