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Extract from the Lexicon Ridiculum


Conjuration. A wonderful form of magic which gives the wielder the power to smite enemies via proxy, suck the souls of the living and control the dead. So why do certain factions in Skyrim look down on this, the most elegant of the all the magic arts?


Well it can have side effects which can be looked down upon. Take for example Summoners Tribulation. The sheer power and exhilaration of conjuring something from another plane causes the summoned subject(s) to be extremely aroused. There is also a chance the power involved backlashes on the more novice conjurer themselves. Once in existence the summoned subject(s) will draw on any further conjuration magic, cast by the summoner, to maintain their arousal. For some reason this aspect of conjuration only applies to those who are Dragonborn, (and don't wear a silly hat or live on a crappy dust covered island). It's probably something in their water.


Hard Requirements


Sexlab Aroused Redux, (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1421-sexlab-aroused-redux-1-december-2015/ ), and it's requirements.


Soft Requirements


Any mod which takes, erm, advantage of high arousal's.




1) It's a work in progress
2) There is an MCM. It doesn't have many options, but does save it's config to a JSON file.

What's New in Version 20160530.02


  • 20160530.01 - Initial Version
  • 20160530.02 - Script Change. Fixed multiple critters from same conjuration spell not being processed properly.Fixed horribly stupid infinite loop possibility.

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