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Crash Test Dummy Follower 1.3

About This File

****Download main file and NEW esp to replace Old esp****


This is a follower I'm working on from a combat style point of view only. Her assets have been reduced to very low file size for my sake uploading every change I make.


Her name is Natasha and she's somewhat a jack of all trades heavy armor by default spell sword for hire.


She's located in Whiterun Hall of the dead


She is overpowered to hell I think but then I designed her with some ability to soak damage and to inflict a lot as I play on Legendary difficulty. Master for those without all Legendary game pack.


I'm tweaking her abilities so she will hopefully stay in close range as well as use the various spells I hope she gets around to casting as you and her level up or test.




Skillset: Duel wields, sword and board, sword + spells. Will sometimes do two handed combat but will need a powerful 2h






All the banish spells for summons I think




I think she also has poison damage to any melee weapons she uses.


It's hard to tell is she ever uses all this stuff as it's my first follower mod and I went over the top and hoping most of this works.


Please give me your feedback and tell me if there is anything I can change if you know enough about creating followers to tell me where to look at.


My goals are simple.


Spellsword that soaks - tanks. Looks like an interesting mix it up follower in combat!

What's New in Version 1.3


  • 1.3
  • Spells added & removed
  • Hopefully combat style is more accurate to what I wanted.
  • Her ability to use more powerful spells should hopefully not require her to be level 70+ anymore.
  • 1.2 *Removed*
  • Added default clothes
  • She is also a misc buy and sell merchant, sells most spell tomes and has some alchemy ingredients and soulgems
  • Now has a small schedule of interacting with training dummies and also likes to read a book just within Whiterun.
  • Needs further testing but should now have leveled armor instead of just a steel set. But she may always end up with a low tier armor due to her location?

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