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Little Blonde in the Big City 1.1.1

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About This File

Hello! This is my first mod for X-Change life But hopefully far from the last. It is also pretty ambitious. This mod adds a new girl to the game with all that that entails, sex positions, clothes, tailored flirting dialogue. The actress it's based off of Kenzie Reeves, who if you don't know is a bitt of a slut! So be warned playing with this mod means you'll likely be playing a pretty raunchy character compared to the more innocent of the girls in the game. Now because of the way I had to create the mod there are a few more steps to getting it installed then some others but I have tried to make it as simple as I can given the circumstances, so without further ado:

(UPDATED)Installation Instructions:

  1. Download littleBlondeBigCity(full)
  2. Copy file into mod directory of X-change Life
  3. Confirm it shows as active in the mod loader
  4. Hit the "Load Mods" button
  5. All Done!

I have create a helpful video below that demonstrates the process end to end as well as showing how you will know if it installed correctly...


This mod should be compatible with most mods, but any mod that adds new images or passages that have hardcoded references to images will have issues. 

For my Fellow Modders!

One final thing about this mod is how complete the changes I made were. Since I mimed the structure of the base game and made the new character generic (girl11 is what she is called in the code) you could fairly easily download this mod and change the audio, images, etc to more easily add your own new girl! To do so you only need to do a few things:

  1. Replace all images, videos, and audio with new girls
  2. Update Girl11 mod.twee (control f in an IDE, search for girl11, if the place has a bunch of strings you'll need to replace those with ones that fit your character)
  3. girl11-outfits.js. will need to have outfits reflect new images chosen 
  4. girl11-positions.js will need to reflect the position videos chosen




I would like to thank MightyOnion from the X-change Life discord who has worked closely on this with me, as well as Aphrodite for their support on getting this done, and last but certainly not least cnwjr for the mod they made that I used as a starting point for mine.



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What's New in Version 1.1.1   See changelog


Change Log:

  • Fixed bug with failing to turn back after using the New-U machine 

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