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Glorious Mission - WW2 National Revolutionary Army Uniform&Helmet 3

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About This File

meshes and textures ported : bax1182
wounded Version accessories : justice123
Original Mesh Edit by me(erase face,etc by Maya)
(im just delete the useless part of original meshes using autodesk maya, make esp file.)


This is Ripped off texture and meshes from Chinese Military PR FPS "Glorious Mission Online(光荣使命OL)".
so cant upload nexusmods.
(well im trying ask permission whole time just texture and meshes to modding, but those lazy bastards dosen even send respond.)


anyway, originally this armor is used a NRA units appears in Marco Polo Bridge Incident(29th Route Army, one of NRA Local Warlord Armys. thats why they using old type ammo pouch and English brodie helmet instead german stahlhelm) Co-op Mode. when this Co-op Update in 2015 Fall(to celebrate 70th Victory Day), actually they just appearing Decoration, and few month later, they just disappear forever in game because of update. What a shame.


i make two version, Armorsmith Extended Version and just normal version. of course both version support ballistic weave.


also including male and female version both and 1st person view too.


and this meshes and textures ported by bax1182. thanks, my friend! you are my hero! :D


in China, 29th Army famous as Employing First Dadao(Chinese War Sword) Unit during Second Sino-Japanese War.


oh, BTW if you see at least one chinese sino-japanese war TV-Series(a series even chinese self-deprecating themselves "Anti-japanese Fantasy(抗日神剧)" ). there is no need to be feeling strange even if you firing AK with this uniform. LOL


How to use : console command "help NRA 4" and type the "Armo" id.


fix : first version of Non-armorsmith Extended version was actuall same the armorsmith extended version. i delete master files (Armorsmith, armorkeyword) and now you can play non-armorsmith version normally.


NEW ITEM ADDED! (2016-04-17)
: I Found Background appear only Soldier and Officer's model recently. there are not in the TMBase.u file, they in the Lugouqiao_animation_MP.udk file in Map folder. how can i miss this?


so, i extract and ask the porting. it's Brodie Helmet accessories add version. in the Uniform's Back. Wounded Soldier's Uniform. actually Original wound soldier's model is looks different Normal Soldier(difference of War Swords and ammo pouch's direction).

What's New in Version 3


  • fixed for Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) 1.71 and Armorsmith Extended 2.75
  • New item added(Wounded Soldier's Helmet in the Back Version)

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