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  1. To choose mutations you just need to save before being milked, that's when you get them. Reload if unwanted... Just hit a single key. No need to change the mod, or ask skyrimfet for it again and again and again.
  2. The hunters are supposed to turn hostile after you take your stuff, you need to kill them and run back to Paul. To be honest I never tried to just run away without killing the hunters...
  3. You must install the tats textures too, currently named "Skyrim - Being a Cow - Tats 1.7e.7z".
  4. Yeah, the multibreast has some issues, I tried to find the solution but could not. The CBBE version doesn't use the same size scale as the body, even after using bodyslide, the breasts are much bigger. And the UUNP version makes all nioverride overlays invisible. If I find a solution I'll post here and at MME thread, but I'm lost, so I've set the chance to 0% at MME MCM menu.
  5. The multi-breasts thing is from Milk Mod Economy.
  6. Sapphire: Yeah, what's your problem? Me: uhh....
  7. Blue is what chargen/racemenu uses when it has a missing texture assigned to a spot. Open racemenu, go to the body overlays tab, and look there, you can remove it by assigning the default texture back (by hitting T over the faulty slot).
  8. As a suggestion, you could add the drooling effect present in the ZaZ framework, as a cow attribute.
  9. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, your mods show it very clearly that it's a work of passion. Now, off to play it. I think i will also use devious butt with it, since cows do produce a lot of gas...
  10. One suggestion would be if the player stays still for a bit, she automatically gets on all four and tries to munch grass, before realizing it and getting up again. PS: i mean, this can be done reusing the crawling animation and making the player crouch
  11. Very good presets, there is a bit of everything, for every kind of preference. Thanks!
  12. I've used this with Ly Player Only Voice Replacer, works like a charm.
  13. XenoDrakem, thanks a lot for the config, it's much better than the original. To everyone using the forced SL option and finding the head bob too much, try to reduce it: {ForcedSLProfile} (bIsActive) (iUnused6==1) ; XD: I took the liberty of making a small edit to Kenny567's code. ; XD: This line disables Forced SL profile when HelmetCam is on, to prevent bow aiming to be practically impossible. ; XD: This only works if you actually go INTO HelmetCam, though, so it is recommended to have HelmetCam turn on automatically when weapons are drawn. (Thanks to IronDusk33 for that) (iUnused3!=1) +set fRotationFromHead 0.2 <------ EDIT THIS, I use 0.2, the original is 1 -return fRotationFromHead +set fExtraRotationFromCamera 1 [...] Look for fRotationFromHead above (only within the {ForcedSLProfile} section). Depending of your installed animations, 1 is too much since it will use the entire head movement. I get good results with 0.2 or 0.25.
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