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I like purple.... sue me. Another purple sim I am sharing for y'all to enjoy 💜! Her name is Amblyodia Violet who is part of a demon biker gang family. Outcast by her family due to her dragon like origin but still allowed to be apart of her sisters biker gang. Early preview of unedited biker gang and her hybrid form on patreon. Human form free like always. 




Most of all of my sims will be free. Extra stuff like full wardrobe customizations, color swap requests, commissions and so on will be done through patreon https://www.patreon.com/BertsCC. If you want me to upload my sims faster or specific ones, support is most welcome and will get me going. If you need or want support or just need help fixing your sims 4, contact me here https://discord.gg/R9V8cbWYAN. You can verify this post by seeing all posts are under my name Herbertofury or bert, my gallery ID is Tourmalinem on origin. Don't forget to check out my other sims. I have fixed there file size and names. A main topic will host all sims I upload. For now I will give them there own pages.  


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