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WhoreCraft (Unfinished). Modder resource only 0.1

About This File

Here is a project I started, but do not think I will continue. This was originally setup for a broad concept of 'Whore Craft', with NPC whores, brothels, etc., but my vision went further than my reach. It is for use with SexLab. I thought other modders here would benefit from some of the scripts.



Useful bits of interest:


kvwcUtil.psc: global utility functions, may be something useful in there

kvwcBaseQueue: base class for storing up to 20 actors in referenceAlias array. This is a useful base.

kvwcSexQueue: tested for PC as 'whore'. This initially worked as well for no 'whore', ie. all queue members start having sex acts. Not tested recently.

kvwcArousalScr: base 'arousal' system, setup for armor slot 32 removal, can easily be modified

kvwcStalkerScr.psc: option to be used by 'arousal' system to pass aroused to here to act as stalkers, and trail the PC. Will rape if PC remains out of sight and range of others for a time, including wait / sleep events. May work across cell boundaries (minimal testing)


Hopefully someone can put some of the code to use. If you do find it useful, feel free to drop me a line and let me know.


Have fun.

What's New in Version 0.1


  • Not a release. Do NOT use except as resource. This *will* break your game. :-)

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