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We return to Mexico once more, where our exotic and eccentric Ada is located, she is the daughter of a Mexican father and a Spanish mother, she is dedicated to organizing clandestine fights, in the streets or buildings with underground, usually men and women can participate, but not mixed, and there are categories such as in the professional, many UFC professionals, they have started there, there is a lot of audience that bets and that pays whatever it takes to see the illegal fights, so it does very well and earns a lot of money, it is a great business, and even more because she is the administrator and organizer, but sometimes she does not collect enough to pay the winner, and has had to pay in other ways, you know, she also trains and is one of the best in the mixed martial arts, she specializes in kicks, street fighting style with a little muay thai and aikido, she's tougher than she looks, be careful wanting to fuck her, haha. 😧😏💪👊💦


Zodiac Sign: Aquarius 



Country: 1f1f2-1f1fd.png


Ethnicity: White-Latins


Group: Matures


Hair color: Brunette

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