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This extension to an existing mod seeks to expand upon Submissive Lola: the Resubmission by MrEsturk & Hexbolt8. Whilst I appreciate how little the parent mod interferes with standard gameplay, I personally prefer heavier bondage elements during my experience as a slave to my follower. I therefore included a few events and quests of my own, mainly to incorporate some of the animations I have cooked up over the years. The goal of this mod is to stay within the spirit of the original work and to remain as lightweight as possible, all the while avoiding any modification of the parent mod.


The animations and items used in this mod were designed chiefly for female players. Although I don't actively check for the player's sex during any of my quests, several of the devices will look rather odd when used with males. Furthermore, some paired animations were also made with female owners in mind and might therefore appear, although less severely so, somewhat effeminate.



As a spoiler, to keep things fun for the more adventurous sorts:



City Bondage:
Upon arriving to a walled city, your owner may find they have business elsewhere and seek to restrain you for a couple of hours. Each walled city uses a unique, custom animation and time can be fast-forwarded to skip lengthy waiting sequences.


Enough is Enough:
Ill-behaved slaves with lengthy terms of contract may prompt their owners to take drastic measures to teach them a lesson. Depending on your dialogue choices, this quest may result in death. A similar event will be played if you haven't bettered your ways a week after the first lesson.


Marked Property:
Slaves with a substantial amount of time remaining on their contracts may give their owners cause to brand their property. Although by no means a hard dependency, SlaveTats will be required for the full experience.


Pack Slave:
Who exactly is sworn to carry whose burdens? This time round, you will be; or rather, commanded to. Your owner will outfit you with a rather hefty backpack. In addition, your owner will make sure to keep you moving whilst on the road - although I've done my best to make sure it won't happen whilst you're trying to sneak up on a bandit camp.


Restless Slave:
Upon entering the safe confines of a walled city, your owner may decide to equip a particularly debilitating restraint on you and will parade you through the streets, wipping your ass as you go.


In addition, it'll be your owner who sleeps in a comfy bed whilst staying in inns. Slaves, after all, should sleep on the floor. Ill-behaved slaves suffer an even worse fate, drawing from up to 7 custom animations.


Finally, seeing your naked body may prompt your owner to outfit you with a few new restraints and decorations.


Hard dependencies:

Submissive Lola: the Resubmission, and all of its dependencies.

>>> Make sure you use this link or to at least use the newly updated version hosted by Hexbolt8, as the original version by MrEsturk is no longer being updated.


Soft dependencies:


> Not required per se, but necessary to apply the brand after Marked property.


Installation Notes:

As per usual, dropping the relevant folders and plugins into your Skyrim\Data folder. As this mod includes new animations, remember to update your FNIS.



MrEsturk & Hexbolt8 for their wonderful work on reviving Submissive Lola.

alexvkj, for the initial edition that started it all



What's New in Version 1.1.1


- Added MCM page to allow customization of event triggers and thresholds.

- Changed player follow package and scripts to hopefully allow the usage of furniture again.

- Fixed an issue introduced by experimentation that caused the hanging quests to become stuck.

LE_kal_LolaAddon_V111.rar SE_kal_LolaAddon_V111.rar

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