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  1. Don't worry, I'm still hard at work! The new update takes a substantial amount of work, however. As I mentioned in my previous update, it entails a radiant quest framework that generates a multitude of events. So far, virtually every event has required me to do a lot of programming and animating. Finally, troubleshooting the whole thing will take a while as well. As such, it might be a while for it to see the light of day. But it'll be glorious when it does! Furthermore, the more I've been working on my extension the more I feel a desire to build my own framework, and writing scrip
  2. Happy to help! It's always a pleasure to animate using good reference material.
  3. Hey there, Hexbolt8 mentioned you were looking for an animation for one of the devices you created. I took the liberty of slightly increasing the size of the device elements that wrap around the body, but otherwise I hope this is as true to the original concept as can be. I only included the animation (.hkx and raw .blend) file, so you'll need to use FNIS to integrate it with the relevant animobjects to be Skyrim-ready. Humbly yours, Kalmah anim.rar
  4. Hey there, Kimy. I'm in the process of converting my animations and objects to use the DD-contraptions standard. Should you be interested, I'll post them here for future reference. Consider them yours to do with whatever you please - I do hope their quality is up to that provided in this here fantastic work. They can be previewed after activating the plugin using 'coc kalmah_test'. Humbly yours, Kalmah kalmah_contraptions.zip
  5. I'll see about moving the bondage location elsewhere in the next update. I'll make some changes to reequip whatever collar it was you were wearing before thre event starts. I blindly assumed people would be wearing one of the collars specified in the parent mod's MCM and simply reequipped that one when my quest finished, but of course there's a plethora of other mods that force collars onto the player. Furthermore, my own collar failing to equip might be a symptom of your DDi version being outdated. Make sure to update all dependencies to the latest standard, as quite a few devi
  6. No, if you had followed the link you'd see we're past v2.0 by now, even.
  7. That strongly smells like you are using the wrong version of either mod. Please update both using the link in my description, for the file hosted by Hexbolt8 (and no other).
  8. Sleeping on the ground is already implemented through the events that take place when you try to sleep in inns. I'm hoping to expand on it further in the future with more bed-related animations involving the owner, as soon as I figure out a somewhat elegant way of doing it. As I mentioned in my previous post, I won't be using furniture from Zaz or other packs. I'm still considering switching all pseudofurnitures present in my mod to use the DD contraptions framework, in which case I'd prefer to have access to the raw files of the base animations if I want to change things around a bit.
  9. Of course, I will be considering to add more restrictions once this base framework is in place. One step at a time! I personally hate making BodySlide files with a passion, but I do hope to add it to all custom items provided in the mod. Thanks, I was looking for something like that. I added the events to the quest script. I recently posted a minor status update. I'm holding off on using the animations and devices provided by ZAP, mainly because I'm still adding and changing stuff. With my own animations, I'm at liberty to make relevant struggling,
  10. I'm all for wresting control from the player - that's what this mod is largely about - but in my submission there is a fine line to be walked between adding onto or changing gameplay aspects to fundamentally interfering with it in a way that isn't enjoyable. Some things I can force through scripts - and preferably make appear somewhat natural through quests and scenes - but other things should simply be left up to your own roleplaying ability. The risk of any such enforcing scripts stepping into areas other than what they were initially intended for grows with every addition, and should theref
  11. I'll add them to player owner homes, then - but I take no responsibility for shrapnel embedded anywhere! It should be as easy as attaching the script to a bed and placing the furniture objects, since none of the scripts even check to see if you're in an inn or not; just that you want to sleep in something you own.
  12. There is no vanilla sleep script; there's just the player activating furniture flagged as some form of bed. That's why I need to use a blockactivation script to hijack the activation event before it sends the standard sleep prompt, and my quest takes off from there. Dynamically assigning scripts and furniture markers would make for a lot more work, although it is quite possible. But there's bound to be a handful of bugs and, besides, I don't feel the playe is entitled to using their home as someone else's property. Perhaps a reappropriating quest to transfer the house to the owner would fit th
  13. In addition to the conditions you can set in the MCM, I also set a minimum contract duration of 14 days in the quest trigger. The idea is that your owner won't take such drastic measures if you're only going to be around temporarily. Furthermore, the quest can only start inside walled cities from the base game, as that's where I've placed the necessary objects for it to start. Player homes are of course a possibility and would be easy enough to implement using the scripts that are already in place. They are, however, a popular target for modders, and I can't rely on every author to
  14. It's a basic .rar archive with the traditional folders and an .esp - the most basic, standard form a mod can take. No installation scripts, no shenanigans. I can't imagine people not being able to install something like that. Just unpack it manually if you have to.
  15. No, the gag quest doesn't have to be running for the gag to be actually equipped, or it'll impose a time duration on how long you have to wear it for. I merely briefly hijack the device functionality for convenience. During my tests, the quest isn't running and is never activated by any of the gag equipping calls made in my mod. It might be a difference between how the properties have initialized between our two surveys. A simpler solution would be to add the script to my controller quest and call it from there, so I can be sure the properties initialize the same across the board. I'll impleme
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