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Voice Packs for Sexlab Extra Voices and Estrus 1.8

About This File

Thought I would share some of the voice packs I've made for myself.


These packs are aimed at non consensual sex but where, secretly, she's actually enjoying it.


Current Voice Packs


Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)
Now your skyrim character can sound just like Elizabeth!


If you are just using SexLab (or sexlab 1.6+) then use this file as it will overwrite the vanilla sexlab voices. It replaces replaced 2, 5, 7, and 8 with Holly, Sarah, Leah, and Michelle, respectively. Thanks to Devorax for creating this pack.


Leah (CLEAN)
Quiet and shy at first, but when Leah gets going she really lets loose!
This voice pack fills VoiceSlot 03 (Female) and also replaces audio effects contained in Devious Devices (plugs/piercings edging/orgasms and gags), Zaz Animation Pack (gag talk) and Horgasm!
The audio has been cleaned up significantly when compared to the standard Leah pack...the downside is there are fewer samples as i have only included those that I was able to clean up.
Nexus mod manager compatible


Quiet and shy at first, but when Leah gets going she really lets loose!
This voice pack fills two voice slots (VoiceSlot 02 (Female) & VoiceSlot 03 (Female)) and also replaces audio effects contained in Devious Devices (plugs/piercings edging/orgasms and gags) and Zaz Animation Pack (gag talk)
Slot 02 is progressive with sounds intensifying as they move from mild, medium and hot. Designed for consensual sex.
Slot 03 is more full on straight away and fits non-consensual or hard sex.
Nexus mod manager compatible


Likes it hard and deep. A real grunter!


Tammi + Tammi for Estrus
She'll plead with you to stop, but you know that's not really what she wants ;) .
Please read installation instructions below for Estrus


Michelle + Michelle for Estrus
She enjoys taking late night strolls through draugr infested crypts while wearing skimpy armor.
Please read installation instructions below for Estrus


Young, eager and ready to please. Just grab her and go!


She's sexy and she knows it.....show her who's boss!


Quiet and breathy, a true submissive.


Likes to be tied down and taken for a ride! This pack is a full pack including distinct samples for Hot, Medium and Mild effects.
Jade also has an FX pack that replaces the Devious Devices audio. Work in progress at the moment.


Oral FX Standard
This pack replaces the standard SexLab Oral Sex FX with a more aggressive, dead throat, style effect


Oral FX SoundFX Full
This pack requires SexLab Sound FX Replacer - Mature Oral to be installed
This pack gives the most varied number of effects (34 samples in total) for truely lovely forced deep throat oral FX :)


You will need to install the voice packs manually. Simply place the contents of the zip files in to which ever voice slot from Sexlab Extra Voices you want...


Installation (Oral)
The standard pack can be installed through NMM or similar and is a straight replacement of the standard samples.


The Sound FX full pack requires you to install the SexLab Sound FX Replacer mod using the mature oral sound option. Once this is installed you can then install the Oral Sound pack over the top using NMM or similar.


Installation (Estrus)
You will need to install the voice packs for estrus manually.
There are two ways to install the Estrus sound pack and it depends whether or not you are using the Estrus Super Slimey sounds found here...


1. Using Super Slimey Edition.
Simply copy the contents of the zip folder into Skyrim\Data\sound\fx\Estrus and merge the folders. The voice parts will be over written, but will leave the slimey effects intact.


2. Not Using Super Slimey Edition
Delete all folders in Skyrim\Data\sound\fx\Estrus and then copy the contents of the zip file in to the same location. This will delete all of the sound effects for estrus and replace them with the new voice.


skyrim/data/sound/fx/sexlab/VoiceSlot 01 (Female)


Each voice pack has got the appropriate sounds for the Hot and Medium sound types. Mild sounds are simply copies of the Medium sound types (these girls don't like it gentle!)


Once you've installed the voice pack simply select it via the SexLab MCM in Skyrim. I personally reduce the time delay for voices to 1 second which almost syncs the effects to the thrusts in the animation :)


Sexlab Extra Voices and any dependencies


Estrus for Skyrim

What's New in Version 1.8


  • 1.8
  • Added Elizabeth voice pack
  • 1.7b
  • Added vanilla sexlab voice replacers by Devorax. This pack does not need any extra mods to use
  • 1.7
  • Added Leah voice pack. This pack fills two voice slots (02 and 03).
  • 1.6a
  • Reworked Jade Devious Devices FX Pack to remove buzzing and increased the volume slightly.
  • 1.6
  • Added Jade Voice Pack
  • Added Jade Devious Devices FX Pack which replaces all the panting and orgasm sounds from the likes of chastity belts to be the same voice as Jade
  • Updated Full Pack to include Jade
  • 1.5 Added an all-in-one pack (thanks to wyrde) this should work with most mod managers and will install the voices into female slots 4-9.
  • 1.4 Added Oral Sound Effects
  • 1.3 Added Sarah voice pack
  • 1.2 Added Tammi for Estrus and cleaned up Michelle for Estrus pack
  • 1.1 Added Tammi and Michelle for Estrus
  • 1.0 Normalised all voices to be close to skyrim sound effect volumes.

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