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DrawnPr0n's paintings by Serialaries 1.0.0

15 Screenshots

About This File

They're finally here!


I've always loved DrawnPr0n's amazing artwork, so I just wanted to let every sims world to be able to enjoy a lot of his works.


Art ranges from videogames characters to movies, and from single-person pinups to full on gangbangs!

So if you're into MortalCumbat or Hulk smashing hopeless twinks, every single one of these paintings has a whole load of cock!


Needless to say, this package contains a whole lot of men and gay porn.




  • SAs_Base_Paintings contains 3 sets of paintings which are all BASE GAME compatible.
  • Sas_Bowling_Premium_Paintings contains 2 sets of vertical, larger paintings which require the BOWLING EXPANSION PACK.
  • Sas_CityLivinh_Premium_Paintings contains 1 set of horizontal, larger paintings which requires the CITY LIVING EXPANSION PACK.

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