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Monica Bellucci follower And Playable Character Preset 2.4

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About This File

One of if not the most beautiful women in the world to accompany you on your journeys , what more could you ask for ?
When you stare into her eyes , just remember , She Is But A Dream.


Update : Eyes Reworked , You can get the new version now!


Possibly the most Realistic Companion/NPC ever created for any game period.

I saw her preset screenshot on nexus and i got really mad that they didn't share her, so i got to work.

i started making this yesterday afternoon , its 10:30 Am and its still not finished , i couldn't slack off on this one , otherwise i'd not have done her beauty justice.

Just Remember this when you stare into her eyes, She's Just A Dream.


two options , Dragon eyes version and Brown eyes version (real life eyes).

Highpoly mesh and 4k textures.

LOCATION : Dragonsreach in whiterun , i chose very fitting gear for her. she looks EPIC in that stuff even tough its just vanilla armor.

Warning : if you do not build outfits for her body type with bodyslide her body might not appear under her armour properly and won't look like the screenshots.

You need XP32 Maximum skeleton Extended.

she uses 4uDIKs Real body -4RB with Retex textures.  as well as my modified version of a KS hairdos renewal female version hair called Confetti and The Eyes Of Beauty or Eyes of aber depending on which version of my mod you download.

you do not need The Eyes of beauty/Eyes of aber But you do need to install KS hairdos renewal female version as my files use the original .tri file from that mod for the hair, i had to include the eyes in the mod because they are modified versions , i could not simply enlist them as requirements as i normally do.

you may or may not need the following : 

Expressive facial animations female edition and High Poly head by vector plexus.


if you need to change her stats  or outfit i suggest you use a follower framework , i personally use EFF , it allows you to set her default outfit to NONE so you can then change her inventory as you please. if you wish to change her Body aspects such as butt and breast size then use the Manipulator mod , you can find it on LL.

P.S : pose shots and stuff aren't my thing really, but everyone is welcome to contribute shots and if they are good it will be made the cover/teaser and main screenshots for the mod.



Credits : 


4uDIKs Real body -4RB-


KS hairdos renewal female edition :


The Eyes Of Beauty :


Eyes of Aber :


Vector plexus high poly head :


The Beautiful Monica Belluci.


-------------HELP IF YOU CAN-----------

I have struggled to find bodyslide presets for building outfits in bodyslide for this specific body type that my latest followers use , the 4uDIKs Real Body , if you know where to get them please comment or send me a message so i can put a link in the description.

What's New in Version 2.4


Drastically overhauled the eyes , about an hour of work on each eye seperately.
revamped both textures and models.


Delete the old version to avoid conflicts. Don't worry it won't 


Install the Artifact and neck seam fix on top of the main mod , if you use MO make sure the artifact and neck seam fix overwrites the files from the main mod.

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