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Another LOT created by me that i been working on. Personally made for the use of WW's and animators. Nomads Sex Arcade is officially open for business.for the sims 4. I hope you like. my fellow simmers.


Please give feedback on what you like and what you don't like. 


All is welcome.


I was inspired when I made this LOT. I thought it be interesting to build.


Just place the tray files in your sims 4 tray folder. Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray


Place this LOT over Planet Honey Pop in San Myshuno.






REQUIRED Before you install


bb.moveobjects before you enter the LOT


Base game up to University EP




Outdoor Retreat Game Pack Jan 13, 2015
Get to Work Expansion Mar 31, 2015
Luxury Party Stuff Pack May 19, 2015
Perfect Patio Stuff Pack Jun 16, 2015
Spa Day Game Pack Jul 6, 2015
Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack Aug 11, 2015
Spooky Stuff Pack Sep 29, 2015
Get Together Expansion Dec 8, 2015
Movie Hangout Stuff Pack Jan 12, 2016
Romantic Garden Stuff Pack Feb 9, 2016
Dine Out Game Pack Jun 7, 2016
Kids Room Stuff Pack Jun 28, 2016
Backyard Stuff Stuff Pack Jul 19, 2016
City Living Expansion Nov 1, 2016
Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack Dec 6, 2016
Vampires Game Pack Jan 24, 2017
Bowling Night Stuff Pack Mar 29, 2017
Parenthood Game Pack May 30, 2017
Fitness Stuff Stuff Pack Jun 20, 2017
Toddler Stuff Stuff Pack Aug 24, 2017
Cats and Dogs Expansion Nov 10, 2017
Jungle Adventure Game Pack Feb 27, 2018
Laundry Day Stuff Pack Jan 16, 2018
My first Pet Stuff Pack Mar 13, 2018
Seasons Expansion Jun 22, 2018
Get Famous Expansion Nov 16, 2018
Strangerville Game Pack Feb 26, 2019
Island Living Expansion Pack Jun 21, 2019
Moschino Stuff Stuff Pack Aug 13, 2019
Realm of Magic Game Pack Sep 10, 2019
Discover University Expansion Nov 15, 2019



What's New in Version 1.0.0 CC included   See changelog


Just updated file with CC included 

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