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About This File

It feels like wearing nothing at all!


This mod is a simple plugin which adds three new "invisible" outfits to the game: Simple Clothes, Simple Light Armor and Simple Heavy Armor. All three act as substitutions for regular clothing and armor but are completely invisible, using your naked male and female body meshes, the same meshes that are used when not wearing any armor. Also includes invisible light and heavy gauntlets, also based on hide and steel, respectively.


All three outfits are based on vanilla outfits, with matching prices and armor ratings, but 0 weight penalty:

  • Simple Clothing is based on the farmclothes01 outfit
  • Simple Light Armor and Gauntlets are based on hide armor
  • Simple Heavy Armor and Gauntlets are based on standard steel armor


The light and heavy armors and gauntlets can be crafted and tempered using leather and steel ingots respectively.


Optional plugins:

  • one for adding all three outfits to levelled lists with vanilla enchantments, with outfits appearing in loot and on (naked!) enemies
  • one for kryptopyr's Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered, which adds keywords to all outfits and breakdown recipes for both armor and gauntlet types


The mod contains no meshes or textures, only three ESP-FE plugins.


Logo created by JSPumpkinKing on discord.

What's New in Version 1.6


Removed "EroticArmor" keyword due to bug in SLA that has gone unchecked and unfixed for years

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