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  1. I can't add more than 2 or 3 additional races to FHU, they don't show up in the MCM for me to change values. I don't get any errors saying they failed to add either. Is there a way to make it so the MCM shows more than just the default races, or the option to turn them off if we aren't using creatures etc.?
  2. Is anyone else using the scrotum inflation timer? It doesn't seem to be deflating for me at all, it just keeps inflating.
  3. Thanks for replying! The particle system MME uses for the milk leak is treated as a magic effect in game; I noticed Nipple Magic from XPMSE doesn't scale with the breast size either, since NiOverride is using CBBE scaling while Nipple Magic is (I'm assuming) using the NPC skeleton for its attachment point. Do you think your suggestion would help? Edit: the magic effect applies an art object (ARTO). I don't know if that has any bearing on how it works though. I'm trying to figure out how exactly the Cumshot particle system attaches and am going to try to replicate it for
  4. After digging into both the 3BA (Acro's) body and the XP32 skeleton (RIP Groovtama), it's apparent that the emitter will only stay at the point it's attached to on the skeleton. In this case, only directly scaling the skeleton itself would move the position of the milk drops. I think one way around this is to attach the emitters to a physical object that can be attached to the L/R Breast03 bones, and then built in Bodyslide to enable tri morphs so it can move and scale properly with the size and shape of the breast and nipples. Unless someone else has a better idea, I'll try experi
  5. So I tried that, and was able to at least fix the particle appearance so they'd show up under ENB lights. I also figured out how to adjust them such that they all drip together. Now the issue is getting them to scale with the breasts and nipples using NiOverride and the CBBE morphs. Attaching to the "L|R Breast03" bone puts it in the right place, and using the Nipple Length morph should allow it to scale properly with the breast and nipple length. It will need to be able to scale with all of the breast morphs though. You can probably use Cumshot as an example on how to
  6. Is it possible to reposition the milk-dripping/gushing particle effect so it comes out of the nipple instead of the center of the breast?
  7. I figured it out, apparently it was too many animations, despite having animation limit fixes in place. I just had to disable a couple poser mods.
  8. Could you post your load order of ESPs for the SL/animation mods you use, and the order in which they're arranged in MO2? I can't figure out why I'm only getting CTD on startup and not progressing past that.
  9. Open the console with ` and type setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1 to reset the MCM.
  10. Re: Futa -- Original version of SLIF and FHU were based solely on SexLab's gender setting. If your character is set as "male" in SexLab, then FHU would only register anal cum amount, while the "female" gender would register both anal and vaginal. I think to solve the "futa" issue, maybe you could use SexLab animation tags; instead of the "male" and "female" SexLab genders, if an animation has the "anal" tag and the NPC is in the receiving slot, inflate via anal cum amount, and likewise if it has the "vaginal" tag and the NPC is the receiver, use the vaginal cum amount. I don't know
  11. This version of FillHerUpUUNP works with 3BBB Amazing? Or is there another version of it that you're using? Or are you using SLIF with it?
  12. So I take it nobody's solved the CBBE 3BBB/3BBB Amazing issue yet?
  13. What mod(s)/plugin(s) would I need to enable female giants to use the futa schlongs?
  14. The newest and final version of Cumshot has a new MCM menu to customize cumshots for any SOS-compatible schlong or schlong'd race. You can now manually adjust the values in the interface to get them to line up properly.
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