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About This File

This tiny mod (ESL) will make the moans of sexual activities louder.


Well, technically, it is not making them louder per se but lets them carry farther, so you can hear them from a greater distance. Not from all across town of course, but also you don´t have to stand right next to them. Now you will hear the more excited cries from around 100-200 meters (didn´t measure it precisely), meaning around the next corner or hill.


This creates a nice group orgy audio effect if you have a lot of actors engaged in the vicinity - also, it makes general sense that same of the moans are in fact louder.


This mod does not change the actual sound files you may have installed. It will only alter the carry distances. Therefore, it will also work if you have replaced the default SexLab sound files. Even if you replace the sound files afterwards.


This mod simply changes the basic "Sounddescriptor" settings for some of the moan types. SexLab distiguishes between "mild", "medium" and "hot" for 8 different female voices and 4 different male voice - so different sound files are played depending on the state of the animation. I have not touched the mild ones, but changed the settings for the medium ones to carry further and for the hot ones even more so. Also, I made this effect stronger for the female voices.


BTW: Along with this I would recommend disabling the "Quiet (female)" voice in SexLab, as it´s a bit awkward to hear a silent whisper from 100 meters 😉




PS: Drop it manually into the Data directory or install using Mod Manager, in the load order obviously after SexLab.

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