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  1. Indeed. Creatures are not supported by Nemesis. So you need both - and making that work is very tedious.
  2. https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=can+you+use+fnis+and+nemesis+together
  3. I see ... trees so green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you. And I think to myself what a wonderful world.
  4. But he clearly said it's not working, so isn't that all we need to know to solve the problem?
  5. Alright, now I am getting it ... sorry ... So I'll test on a single NPC where arousal does not work properly (leading to the entries in my log) to remove the spell which sits on him. The big question is now, how do I go about this? I can get the ID of the actor in the console and then use some command on him (simply "removespell", if his ID is selected?), but how do I find out the ID of the spell which I want to remove? And also, wouldn't that only remove the spell from his inventory but not the effect which is already active, since the spell is already cast?
  6. Hi BadDog, sorry to be such a pain in the ass. I highly highly value you time and effort you are putting into answering and explaining, but for the life of me I still don't quite know what to do, You wrote: "Assuming this happens across saves and reloads, that means this script on this character is borked in some way. So my thought is, kill the effect via the console, let it get re-applied the next time you equip a schlong, and maybe it will fix itself. You can do that with player.removespell in the console, using the magic effect's parent spell." First, I unde
  7. You can change the distribution probabilities as well as the size distribution in the MCM of SOS when you click on the schlong listed there on the left.
  8. I am afraid I can't quite follow you ... How would I remove the schlong owner magic effect via console? Also could you explain how covering/uncovering my character could change how the arousal triggers of other NPCs work? (I am having troubles with the NPCs, not my own char). I did try and use SOS to clean the sheath schlong, removing it from all Lykaios, but then, after they got their sheaths a again their arousal still did not work. Would restarting SOS altogether help?
  9. I am still having issues with the Lykaios race arousal. All other races work fine, but the Lykaios simply don't. It's not coming out of the sheaths. When I press my schlong up key it works for the other races, but for Lykaios I get this in the log: [02/19/2021 - 12:21:09AM] Error: Unable to call RegisterForKey - no native object bound to the script object, or object is of incorrect type stack: [None].BDSOSSchlongOwnerEffect.RegisterForKey() - "<native>" Line ? [None].BDSOSSchlongOwnerEffect.CatchSchlongEvents() - "BDSOSSchlongOwnerEffect.psc" Line ?
  10. Hentai Creatures should have an MCM menu, yes. But no, Hentai Creatures does not add schlongs. Hentai Creatures is all about adding spells to summon creatures and let them train. To get schlongs on animals you need More Nasty Critters.
  11. You need to split it into two separate pieces of armor (and two nifs) if you want them to behave independently.
  12. I remember I had the same issues, but I can't recall what I did. In the end I ignored all those features alltogether. In the beginning I used it to recruit followers but now I am using Nethers Follower Framework for that, so nowadays I am using FM4S only once in a while to ask a single NPC when "I have trouble focussing". But no groups. Mostly, I don't like my character to get involved anyway, so I can go about my quests and activities while the NPCs are having their way and I can watch and take pictures. All that rest of the action I get activated automatically by Aroused Creatures and R
  13. Only having them available and active via SLAL and SL is not enough; in FMFS you need to manually create lists which animations it should use, there is a section in the MCM where you specify that using tags. It's quite annoying. Only 1:1 animations work out of the box.
  14. Added an optional file, "More Deer". This is an ESL-flagged mod, adding more spawns of all deer in the appropriate places, ramping up from the additional 115 deer the original mods adds to a total of 226.
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