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  1. Any ideas about the orgy mode problem?
  2. Wow, indeed, this makes no sense whatsoever 😂 Sorry, my bad. Try this one and let me know if it work for you. SOS - No Futanari Schlong - Addon ESL.7z
  3. There are some instructions on how to do this in this thread: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/135541-sos-addon-futanari-cbbe-sse/?do=findComment&comment=3004424
  4. MNC introduced a new, additional mesh for the Wipsmother to make her look a bit different - but only when aroused. With my mod, this aroused form would have been used always. The patch now makes sure that the aroused mesh is in fact never used, not my MNC, not by Hentai Creatures, not by my mod. It re-routes the basic entry for the aroused form and tells it to use the vanilla mesh.
  5. Well, that´s how I did it, and it worked, just sticking to the default install paths. But I would rather get some more feedback from other on this one.
  6. You could call out the modding ommunity for help in a new thread, maybe there are texture artists up for the challenge and you can team up?
  7. Yes, I also sent him a mail as soon as I found out. 😨 As far as non-slot 52 parts go; that´s always be a problem. BodySlide would need to know what you have or may have in slot 52 and use this for building the outfits so they fit on top depending whether there is nothing, some hair or a size xxl schlong. So if clothing pieces don´t use 52, you´re out of luck.
  8. Well, all the better then 😄 Maybe there are spawn locations which you were not aware of. Also, there might be a spawn location in a dungeon or some other cell in the vicinity which is loaded and animated even though you can´t see it. This happens in some places where Bethesda didn´t make sure the stuff is only loaded when actually entering it.
  9. It´s a fine looking model and nice textures, too, but yep, that´s too low resolution. You will be quite close to the creature and the game, and because it´s not dog-sized but rather big, you will see the missing details. There are tools which scale textures up with AI, but since there is very litte detail to begin with, upscaling will not help a lot. You either need the original source, or you (or some texture artist) will need to rework it manually in 2048x2048 minimum, I´m afraid ... 😞
  10. Hard to tell from the screenshots. Can you post the actual textures? With large animals a 2K resolution is usually the minimum. And the normal map can screw up a lot too, if it´s too low resolution.
  11. Just uploaded an important patch - you find it listed in the downloads list of the file. Something is wrong with the "erect" (more naked) mesh of the Wispmother in MNC. Usually it doesn´t occur frequently that you encounter an aroused Wispmother, so you may only experience seemingly random CTDs. With MNC Always Erect this happens more often, also when you spawn a (now always erect) Wispmother with Hentai Creatures. Until this is solved, please also use this temporary ELS-flagged fix to be installed after Hentai Creatures, MNC and also after MNC Always Erect. It makes sure that all Wispmother mesh changes are revoked and pointing to the vanilla mesh for the time being.
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