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DMRA BBB FCOM Convergence 0.9

About This File

Following hot (well, relatively warmly) on the heels of my OOO and MMM conversions, here's a DMRA conversion of most of the armors added by FCOM Convergence.


There are only three armors added by FCOM, and this release contains two of those. The third armor is Nico's Dreadweave, and you can obtain a DMRA conversion of that armor from Thorazine's 'The Box' thread. I didn't want to step on anybody's toes by including it here. Fortunately, FCOM keeps the default paths, so you just need to install the meshes from Thorazine's release over the top of FCOM.


Now here's a challenge for people... Take some screenshots of FCOM characters wearing these armors. This might be tricky for some people, as these armors are worn by members of the Entropic Order. :o

What's New in Version 0.9


  • 0.9: Inital BETA release.

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