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Game of Throne Intro (freaking amazing! No really.. it is) 1

About This File

This is a Game of Thrones style intro for Skyrim which replaces the Bethesda (Boom, Bah Boom) intro screen before the main menu.


Created by a guy called Brady Walt, 1000s of hours of work and a result that I think you'll agree is just a bit of 'WhhhhaaaaTheeeeeFuuuuuuuuu'






To install you can't just use a BSA/ESP combo since this changes things before they even load, so a bit a manual tinkering required - I included a renamed intro Bink movie, and the original Bethesda (with -original appended) so you wont lose it. Just unrar and stick in your Skyrim/Data/Video directory. To get the original Bethesda video intro back, just rename the GoT vid to whatever you like, and rename the original Bethesda video to BGS_Logo and you are done.


Hope this all makes sense.


To note, since it is the intro movie you cannot escape out, so when you get tired of it just change the filename of the original Beth intro to what it was and you are back to normal - nothing I can do about escaping early sorry.


Download consists of a multipart RAR file since LL only allows a max of 100mb to upload - boo hiss


As to why I did this, basically to see if I could - had no idea how to make an MP4 into an intro movie for Skyrim but saw it as a challenge -


Tale of Woe:

Night 1: This is impossible, menu uses NIFs and you can't convert a movie to a NIF format. Just give up.


Night 2: No don't give up! I don't need to make this a menu replacer, this can replace what comes before that - Skyrim uses a BNK format, OMG wtf is a BNK format? How do I get sound to work with it - FFS, Radtools dont work with MP4s, WTF?! OK try converting to WMV and then see what happens - OMG it works with sound! Uploading....



All copyrights reserved by whomever they are reserved by yadda yadda and massive credit to Brady for making this - an awesome undertaking and so well done!

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