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armors and clothes for zkec body queen size bottom and F cup


the body is found in setbody mod with hands and feet


this is mostly a replacer : no need for a file.esp


i have included Fejeena glass textures(my thanks), if you like you just drop it in folder and do the archiv invalidation through bsa redirection in obmm.


if there is any probleme with please tell me !


if someone can recognize the mythicdawnrobe skirt i would be happy to give credit to Creator !!!

hope you like


AddOn 1 adding 5 more armor, Addon 2 add 6 different arena armors, Addon 3 add 2 armors & 5 upperclass clothes, Addon 4 (see pics !in post 2 Under support topic ), addon 5 more replacer !, addon 6 another set !, addon 7 the last of the robes!

hope you like



Some more staff and this time provided in a chest (a teddy chest) thank to Fejeena who made the file.esp


all details in readme !!!


the teddy chest starts to be full !!! :P


a new independant chest the gyggllg chest with some piercing staff !!!


a new wood chest with several armors/clothes.

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