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Exploration of follower mechanics

Storms of Superior


Hey, folks.


Soon I'll be revamping my first mod, Crippling Poisons, and making it obsolete in favor of a better title and carefully thought out effects for those poisons. At that time, the poisons will still not be craftable, so anyone who has a talent with math will be allowed, at that point, to develop any kind of mod that will make them craftable.


But, that's not what I came here to talk about tonight (You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant).


I came to say that I'll be diving into Skyrim looking for the mechanics of followers, but more specifically, the mechanics that allow the PC to be followed by NPCs. If anyone can point me there faster than I can look for it, and then find it, please do.



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Update: there seems to be zero sources of information regarding the conditions that allow a Skyrim player character to be followed by NPCs. I think I'll keep looking through the .bsa files I unpacked to see if anything presents itself.

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