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Just a nudey shot of Shadow, I originally wanted one of her in just her pants but her skin was fucking up with it. But anyway this entry it about the Spider-Man PS4 game, it'll be one of my """""""reviews"""""" so if you don't care about those (and/or don't want spoilers for the game) you can go now.


So for the past few days I've been playing Spider-Man PS4 and honestly it's a near perfect game, there are a few issues with it but I'll get onto that later but to begin with this is the first proper superhero game I've plyed since Spider-Man on the PSOne (I don't count Prototype, Saint's Row or Infamous) so it's been a good long while since I've played one (the Batman Arkham games are games I've always meant to play but never got round to) and honestly this is one of the best games I've played in a while. the Story is absolutely perfect, most of my knowledge of Spider-Man comes from the 90s animated series so I'm not the most knowledgable on him but I like how they didn't fall into the trap of having him start from the beginning and going over Uncle Ben's death for the millionth time, basically when we join the story Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for a good few years (he's early to mid twenties) and has already dealt with a good number of his enemies. Their take on Doctor Octopus is also quite refreshing as it shows his descent into madness so to speak, I also like how they seem to be setting Harry up as Venom which is a nice change since it's usually Eddie Brock or Flash who end up as Venom but it's making me wonder who's going to be Green Goblin, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed the story and I think Spider-Man was Spider-Man in this game with quips and general goofiness (I fucking loved his Spider-Cop bits) and I really liked his interactions with Yuri.


Onto the mechanics and linking into the story, there's forced stealth sections where you play as either Mary-Jane or Miles Morales (as an aside that relates to the above, Miles might be playable in a possible sequel) which are annoying as fuck with their instant fail states and are what knock a point off the game for me, stealth isn't this game's strong point (at least not when you're not in control of Spider-Man, because doing stealthy things with Spider-Man makes you appreciate how fucking scary he can be) but otherwise its mechanically perfect, the "Arkahm" style of combat really fits here (although Angry Joe proved that it was Spider-Man 2 that first created this combat system) and while it takes some used to the web slinging is actually really fun and is a nice way of getting round the city rather than running, driving or flying like in most other open world games. Also as a dig to BoTW it's not fucking silent.


Finally the nitpicks, these are so incredibly minor that they don't influence my final score (9/10 btw) at all and are mostly unique to just me, firstly I don't like the white on the gloves of Spider-Man's suit (the white spider is fine) additionally I don't think Yuri Lowenthall is the best Spider-Man voice, he has some moments (the aforementioned Spider-Cop) and he does well with the quips but I don't think he fits as Spider-Man (but that might just be because of my affinity to the 90s animated show) and the final nitpick is the names of the difficult levels (Friendly, Amazing and Spectacular) now this is insanely minor, I prefer my dificulty levels to be the standard easy, normal hard with fancy names being reserved for more unique difficulty levels. But that's it for my Spider-Man """""review"""""

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