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Trolling for the Dawnguard: Lydia's Lesson Pts. 1 and 2



Trolling for the Dawnguard: Lydia's Lesson Pt.1

(Does and will contain creature on female and threesome content) 




“Well that certainly went well” said Vela happily. “Sometimes these hunts can get out of control quickly.”

“And I’m learning more and more each day thanks to you” replied Lydia.

Vela and Lydia walked up the winding path that led to Ft. Dawnguard. The afternoon sun was high and both girls were anxious to unwind after a busy week. They had both been tasked by Isran to eliminate a Vampire Lord that had been terrorizing Ivarstead. The mission also served as a chance to test Lydia’s mettle and to see how Vela’s recently acquired troll would fair in battle. Needless to say, both did extremely well.

“Thanks for your patience and excellent instruction” said Lydia. “I’ve killed men, wolves and even a bear, but a Vampire Lord was something entirely different. It’s also nice to have another girl around” she said with a smile.


Lydia was a Housecarl in the service of Jarl Balgruuf of Whiterun who had sent her to the Dawnguard as a gesture of his support in the war against the Court of Harkon. While Isran quietly wished he had sent troops or supplies, the fact that a powerful Jarl was willing to acknowledge the threat was a good start.

Vela enjoyed her company and she felt at home around another woman in a profession that was largely dominated by men. Over time, the two girls had developed a close bond as only two warriors joined in battle can understand.

“No problem! I’m glad to have you along. And so is he.” Replied Vela.

“He” referred to Vela’s pet troll, who despite having a close relationship with, she had yet to name him.

“I have to admit” said Lydia sheepishly “I’m still curious as to how he follows your every command. He fights ferociously to protect you.”

“Trade secret” said Vela.  She paused for a moment as an errant thought crossed her mind. “Tell you what, come down to the waterfall this afternoon and maybe I’ll show you how. If you’re brave enough, that is” she said with a smile.




“Just make sure you’re quiet. Oh and, girls secret right?”

“Of course!” Lydia wondered what Vela meant.


Later that afternoon, Lydia headed down to the waterfall to see if she could find the two of them. As she approached the small grove of trees near the falls, she saw what looked like Vela’s troll slightly hunched over and moving in an oddly rhythmic pattern.


“That’s odd”


Not wanting to alarm the creature and unsure if Vela was nearby, she quietly crawled through the grass to get a closer look. As she approached, she saw a pair of soft, white legs wrapped around the troll’s waist. Lydia blinked twice to make sure she was seeing what she actually thought she saw.





“…..by the Divines!”


Lydia watched with a combined expression of shock and amazement as she watched the troll rhythmically pump Vela with his enormous phallus.

“s-s-she’s mating with him!”


Lydia’s first instinct was to run for help. However, as her ears adjusted to the sounds of the roaring falls, she could slowly begin to hear the lustful groans that Vela made as her troll towered over her, repeatedly ramming his bulk in between her legs.  Lydia watched as Vela reclined on her back and opened her legs as wide as she could. Instinctively, the troll slid his cock deep inside her and thrust forward, lifting Vela off the ground so only her shoulders were touching the ground.




Give it to me, my precious boy.”


On command, the troll began to pound Vela into the grass, her silky white legs flinging forward with every thrust. Lydia watched as the troll's massive cock slid in and between Vela's warm, pink cheeks.


She’s not in any danger. She likes this.” Lydia though to herself in astonishment.


“Gods, he’s enormous.

Despite the troll’s force, he was being surprisingly gentle. Just a few days earlier Lydia had watched this same troll tear a vampire from belly to brains. Now, he was gently grunting as he made love to his female.

As she watched, Lydia’s fear gave way to curiosity. She was amazed such a small girl could handle the raw power of a troll in heat. The troll seemed almost entranced by the soft, pink girl that was sweetly moaning beneath him.



Gods he's really giving it to her. How does she do that?

Lydia suddenly realized that she was fascinated by the scene far more than any woman of repute should. Sure, she had heard rumors. Forsworn women and their wolves, and all that unscrupulous tavern talk about The Companions. But a troll?

As Lydia inched in for a closer look, she stepped on a twig.




Suddenly, the startled troll jerked up as Vela tumbled off his cock and onto the ground.





Vela looked up in surprise at a very frightened Lydia who was staring at a very agitated troll.


“Lydia? No no it’s alright! Let me explain.”





To be continued……    ;)




Trolling for the Dawnguard: Lydia's Lesson Pt.2

(Contains creature on female and threesome content) 



Well it looks like someone discovered our little secret, doesn’t it?” said Vela with a mischievous smile.

“Is this what you wanted to show me??” Lydia replied, still shocked by what she had witnessed

“More or less, but I wanted to introduce you two slowly. I was taking a bath but once he saw me naked, he just couldn’t hold back” Vela giggled. “And now here we are.”



“I still can’t believe it… I’m a little worried though. He looks mad” said Lydia nervously.

Having interrupted the troll mid-sex, he was noticeably agitated.

“Oh he’s fine” replied Vela. “Aren’t you sweetie? Do you want to pick up where we left off? Hmmm?  Of course you do” she said softly while cradling the great beast’s head in her arms.



“See how gentle he can be?” Lydia was still amazed at what she saw.

“H-H-How do you do it?” Lydia couldn't believe she just asked. 

“Do you wanna see?” said Vela in reply. “He’s always willing to mate. And so am I” Vela grinned.

“First though, you need to take off all that clunky armor. He gets agitated by it.”


“Naked?  Um….okay…”  Lydia didn’t mind per say. Vela had seen her nude before when they bathed on the road but she was mortified of someone else seeing her.


“Trust me, you’ve got nothing to worry about under there” Vela said with a wink.

As Lydia stripped, she could sense the troll becoming more relaxed as he saw more of her soft, nude form.

“See? He already likes you. Now, come over here and I’ll show you.” “Sit down and relax. You’ll enjoy this, I promise!”



Vela laid Lydia down before the great troll and gently placed her fingers between Lydia’s legs

“G-nggh! Vela?”

“He just needs a little of your scent to get used to you. Don’t worry” Vela said as she moved her face just inches from Lydia “I’ll be gentle.”

“I’ll get him started.”

Vela slowly walked over to the troll and placed her hands on his chest, running her fingers down his stomach. Obediently, the troll reclined on his back, sporting a massive erection that made Lydia flush.

“This is how you work a troll cock, Lydia. Nice and easy, just like this.”

Vela wrapped her small hands around the troll’s massive phallus and began to gently rub up and down. The troll grunted in satisfaction as Vela’s little fingers worked their magic. Lydia sat beside them in amazement, watching this mighty troll completely enchanted by the beautiful human female that was giving him such pleasure.


“I love his cock. I just can’t get enough of it” Vela said warmly. She leaned in and gently pressed her lips against the side of his shaft and began to rock her head up and down as she licked his cock.

Lydia became more and more flushed as she watched Vela adore his cock with her mouth.



“He seems to love it…..gods.”

Vela gently stood up and slowly turned around, showing her round, pink rear to the troll.

Slowly she lowered herself over the troll as he instinctively slid his cock inside of her. Vela moaned as the troll’s massive shaft plunged into her soft pink insides and she began to slowly gyrate her pelvis, working his cock until it became hard as a rock.


Lydia, overcome with arousal, began to slowly masturbate as she watched Vela repeatedly slam her pussy down onto the troll with forceful, wet thrusts.

“N-gg-ahh. See Lydia?  J-j-just like this” Vela moaned over the grunts of the troll.

Vela slowly reached out her arm to Lydia and beckoned:

“Care to join us?”




“C’mere. I’ll show you. You don’t have to be afraid, Lydia. I’m here” Vela said sweetly.

Lydia’s mind raced. Every dirty, wild thought buried in the recesses of her mind was coming forward. She wanted to fuck this troll, and realized at the same time, she wanted to fuck Vela too.

“I see your wandering eyes” Vela giggled. “Come, let me show you.”


For the rest of the afternoon, Vela trained Lydia in the art of mating with a troll. With Vela in the lead, Lydia took the troll’s cock in every way she could, licking, thrusting and caressing as she gave into her deepest desires. Vela took the time to give Lydia special attention, gently touching her and stroking her smooth, tanned body as she took the troll’s primal pounding. The troll watched, entranced as these two beautiful, pink human females worked every inch of his body and gave him the greatest mating of his life.




Eventually the troll reclined on his back, gently taking Lydia with him.


“It’s ok sweetie. It’s time to make the bond with him. We’ll be a mated pack now” Vela replied warmly.



With a great thrust, the troll began to pound Lydia furiously, her wet pussy squeezing his massive shaft.

Suddenly Lydia felt another sensation and looked down to see Vela’s face between her legs, gently licking and nibbling as the troll pounded away.

“What a cute little pussy” Vela giggled. “Time to try some.”



“Oh gods…Vela don’t –n-nggh- don’t stop! I’m going to—to…


With a rush of heat and pleasure, Lydia and the troll orgasmed at the same time as spurts of semen burst onto Vela’s face.



“So good” Vela said as she gently ran her lips across Lydia's warm slit. "And my boy seems to like you too" she giggled. 



The giant troll collapsed from exhaustion under a nearby tree as Vela and Lydia reclined together under the warm afternoon sun, their nude bodies flushed with sweat and sex.

“That was wonderful, Lydia. And so are you.”



“Really? Mmmm. I want to do that again, but only if it’s with you. You make me feel so amazing.  Besides, I’ve never taken anything that big before!” said Lydia, blushing.

“Well, wait until you meet Ascalon!”


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Quite well written, featuring a nice "taming" atmosphere, and good screens. Though considering the two title images reveal quite a lot, I'm not sure the spoilers are really necessary. Quite a pleasant read overall. ?



Malicia : « It isn't pleasant overall at all ! That's naughty trolling, yes ! :classic_angry: »

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