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  1. Hello, thnks for this great remaster. Please ans my 1 question. This mod overwrites scripts/FNISVersionGenerated.pex And Scripts/FNIS_aa2.pex Is this ok, whom should I give priority. (I'm using MO2)
  2. After you complete catherine's recruitment quest. Talk to her she will give you the quest, thn go and talk to crapeater at riften.
  3. Please help, After collecting sperm from crapeater, there is no dialog option for this quest when I'm talking to catherine !! what should I do ? Is this a bug, or I've to do something else?
  4. Can any one please help ? which animation mod do I need for MMMMF and MMMF animation ? and for female werewolf animation ?
  5. In the newest update, there is a quest "find the thiefs room", where is it. Can't find it. There are some rooms, but all locked. Please help.
  6. Sorry for late reply. And thnks for replying..
  7. Is there any news about upcoming version ? Love this mod..
  8. How to increase the karma for working in that bar. My pc always refused. Thnks.
  9. Ok, thn I'll try other things, after that I'll report that..
  10. Oh it's not a new game. Sorry if it's the reason of this problem..
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