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Tears of the Present - Chapter 1 (cont from The Blackreach Experiments)



This story pics up after The Blackreach Experiments. You can catch the 1st part here: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/148/entry-561-the-blackreach-experiments-part-1-and-2/


Chapter 1 - Biding Time



**** Several years have passed since Kiva took her position working as apprentice mage in Solitude. Her new life has been very prosperous. ****


Kiva had her feet propped up by the fire. “Everyone in this city treats me so well because they think I’m a sweet little child who lost her parents. Hehe, if only they knew.”




“The odd thing is, I feel 17. I don’t thousands of years old. At least most of my time in the Cairn is a blur.




She walked over to the small house on her dresser where her pets resided.




Looking in the window, she could see them having sex…again. It was certainly entertaining to watch but that’s all they ever seemed to do.




That got her thinking, “I should find someone for me.” She ran through a mental list of all the available men in the city. Strangely enough, she couldn’t recall a single teenager and most of the men were too gruff. “Well, I’ll just shelve that idea for now.”




Early the next morning, at the Blue Palace, Kiva was working on a new alchemy recipe. It was designed to turn a vampire’s magicka against them. It wouldn’t kill them but it would weaken them significantly.




While she was working, Sybille, the court wizard, walked in. “What are you working on now Kiva?” She sounded annoyed.




Kiva turned around and was smiling. “Oh this? It’s a new potion. It increases magical power tenfold and even lets you detect undead! Isn’t that great Sybille?”




Sybille snatched the bottle out of her hand. “It can’t possibly be that good. No child, no matter how good, can out do me, no matter how gifted. I’ll have to test this.”




Kiva shrugged her shoulders in defeat. “Fine but it’ll work, you’ll see.”




“Sure, sure. I need you to get some reagents for me. You should be able to find what you need outside of the city. The list is on the desk.”




Kiva grabbed the list and headed home to change into more appropriate clothing. “Bah, field work. Well, at least I don’t have to listen to Sybille all day.”





She spent the afternoon gathering the reagents Sybille needed but she still needed a few of her own. The nirnroot, and nightshade were easy enough to find but the ones she needed could be a bit trickier.




“This has been a good day so far. I just need to wait a few more hours so Sybille will get impatient and test that potion.”




Kiva was heading toward Solitude when she saw a homeless man homeless man wandering around. She ran up and said, “Excuse me, can you help me? I need an adult?”




The argonian smiled, at least she thought he was. “Certainly, I’m strong enough to help. Are there septims in it for me?”

“Oh sure, hold on, I have it in here.”



Kiva grabbed her dagger and stabbed the man. The argonian watched as Kiva, a mere child, pulled out the knife and stood there in disbelief as she stabbed him. Then she got to work before he died.




With a charged soul gem in one hand and an argonian heart in the other, she had all of her special reagents. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shocked argonian,” she thought as she cleaned up and headed back to the city.




No sooner did she enter the palace when a guard ran up and informed her that Sybille had been found unconscious near the alchemy table. Kiva laughed inwardly.




“Oh, that’s terrible! What happened?” She feigned sympathy so well the guard didn’t catch it. He simply replied, “It looks like she tried a new potion she made.”




Kiva changed into a spare dress before she went to Sybille’s room. When she entered, she found Elisif there as well. The Jarl was glad to see Kiva. “Is there anything you can do for her?”

Kiva looked Sybille over, feigned a few tests, and said, “It looks pretty severe. She might not make it through the night but I can lessen any pain she’s feeling.”




“Thank you dear, please hurry and use whatever you need.” With that, the Jarl left the room.




Kiva made a strong healing potion, after all, going through the motions was important.




She went into Sybille’s room, and shut the door behind her. She looked down at Sybille. “Stupid bitch. I knew you’d try that potion. Now I can kill you just like I could any human. I don’t belong in anyone’s shadow, especially not some half breed vampire.”




Kiva grabbed a pillow from the bed and held it over Sybille’s face until she stopped shaking. The potion’s effects kept her from fighting back.




Then, she put on a very sad face and faked some tears. She went to the Jarl and informed her of Sybille’s passing. “I’m sorry, there was nothing I could do. By the time I got there with the potion, she was already dead.”



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Have to say, i would've expected Kiva to conduct some experiments on Stentor, being into alchemy and all that i'd wager vampire dust would come in handy.

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