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The Blackreach Experiments Part 14



The Blackreach Experiments Part 14 - Full Set

If you missed Part 13: Here ya go: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/148/entry-676-the-blackreach-experiments-part-13/

There will be a break in between the next set of stories. But hopefully not too long. What do yall think, should I continue these characters or do something new?

Anyway, on to the story.



Celes and Mani arrived at Riften. Only Celes entered since it probably wasn’t safe for Mani.




“Okay, from what I learned, Celine was living here with her daughter but I didn’t think you had kids,” Celes said.




“We don’t.” Mani was confused. “Something isn’t right. Last time I saw her, she was talking about a mistress and her eyes were glazed over.”




“Hmm, she could be in some sort of thrall. They mentioned her daughter got a job in Solitude. Let’s head there next.”




Mani agreed with Celes and they both set off toward Riften.




**** About a day later, in Riverwood ****


Celes and Mani decided to get some supplies before heading to Solitude.

Mani was staring off toward the distance, “I’ve always loved this town. It’s so peaceful and relaxing.”




“Me too. It’s one of the few places I can be in my mechanical form without people freaking out. You know, I think that…HURMPH.”




Mani turned around and saw an assassin’s blade impaling Celes.




Before he could react, the assassin tossed her into the water. He turned his attention to Mani and said some kind of spell. He couldn’t breath and his vision started to fade, then his world went dark.




Mani woke in a strange house. He rolled over and saw his wife!

“Celine! How did I get here? What are you wearing? Where are we?




She crawled to Mani, “Darling, I’ve missed you. We’re in a replica of the house I lived in while Mistress and I stayed in Riften. Isn’t it nice?”





“Dear, we need to leave. We can’t stay here.”

“Sure we’ll leave but first, a present.” Celine handed Mani a necklace and insisted that he take off his shirt and put it on.




He removed his shirt and put on the amulet to satisy his wife then he looked at her impatiently, “Now lets go. We need…to…what was I saying?”




“I don’t know dear, you were not making much sense. Let me show you around the house.”

“Yes dear, let’s have a look around.”




**** Lake Ilunalta ****


Arissa was flying over the lake when she noticed Celes washed up against the shore.




She flew down and pulled Celes somewhere secluded. If she was careful, she could blame Alduin for her actions and maybe find some redemption.




Celes looked up weakly, “Are you going ….to kill me?”

Arissa replied, “I’m sorry for attacking you. Alduin corrupted me but I’m free of him now. I’ll get you somewhere safe.”




Arissa laid Celes down gently. Celes looked into Arissa’s eyes and weakly said, “I need…. There is a place… Blackreach lab… so tired.”




**** Sometime later ****


Arissa found a lab in Blackreach. Hopefully it was the right one. It had two large glass tubes and lots of machinery .




Celes eyes opened briefly and mumbled. “Inside…tube…sleep. Thank you.” She motioned to some buttons and pressed a few then Arissa placed her in the tube and she seemed to float and then stop. It was like time had paused for her.




Arissa guessed it was some kind of stasis spell. She climbed into the other tube and joined Celes in her long slumber.




**** A few months later****


Kiva had been using the Pelagius Wing for magical experiments. It was the perfect place to practice without being seen. Although, oddly enough, she always felt watched even though all the rooms were empty.




“Was someone just here? Nah, it’s just my imagination,” Kiva thought. She turned her attention back to her spells. “I’ll rule this place before anyone has a chance to stop me. I have all this time in the world.”



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Yes! Yeeees! Make sheogorath appear! It's the only logic thing to do! Mwahahahaha.


And it would be awesome if you continue this.  Perhaps a vacation on the shivering isles?

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