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Caede Set 2: Entertainment




Caede Set 2 - Entertainment


Caede heads back to whiterun empty handed after spending all her earnings at the inn

Where she met Mei, who joined caede on her way to whiterun

On their way caede "borrowed" some clothes from a local wench...
















Caede Running towards Whiterun...


Caede: Hurry up mei, it's almost nightfall, we need to get to Whiterun before it gets too dark.


Caede: i think we're here mei.


Caede: This place is sure crowded at this hour... and the prices are pretty hight... not that it matters we don't even have a coin to spare...


Mei: I think i know how to earn us some coins, my mother used to dance to entertain the crowd, she was really good at it.

The Innkeepers were always glad to have us, they gave us a hot meal and a bed to sleep.

That's how we have lived for a couple of years, travelling from one city to another..


Caede: that might be a good idea, but i don't know how to dance...

Mei: I can try, i do remember a little from watching my mother.


Caede: Okay let's give it a try then, i'll wait right there and be ready if someone tries anything funny...

Mei: Thanks, i'm sure everything's gonna be fine, we're at the inn after all...

but your words made me feel even more confidant.

Caede: Okay i'll stand right there.


Crowd started gathering around Mei




Clapping and whistling sounds echoes throughout the Inn as the crowd keeps cheering on Mei



Caede: "That old man thinks i didn't see that?!, groping her while shoving coins down her panties


Caede: "Sigh...well Mei didn't seem to mind it much...she has that smile on her face, so no harm done i guess..."


Mei Smiling while dancing through the night...


Caede: "Yawn"... that was one hell of a night... Mei kept dancing for almost till sunrise... but she did manage to earn us some coin, not to mention a hot supper and a warm bed.


Caede: Hmm, there she is again....


Caede: She was staring at me yesterday at the Inn too..


Caede: I wonder if she wanted to say something


Caede: Her scarlet hair looks really beautiful...


Caede approaching the redhead beauty...


Ysolda: Oh it's you girl... i wanted to speak to you


Caede: really ? what did you want ?


Ysolda: I saw you and your friend yesterday... entertaining the at the Inn...

If you've no money and a place to stay,

you should head to Markarth and join the Sisterhood of Dibella.

You're young and beautiful.. i think they'll accept you two and give you clothes,

food and a warm bed, more so they will train you in the dibellian arts...

Caede: What do they teach?

Ysolda: They teach about love and beauty, but they also teach you arts, poetry, tailory and more sensual and erotic topics...

any women would benefit from their knowledge.

Caede: That sounds nice, actually Hulda offered Mei work at the Inn,

Mei seemed very happy about it, and i'm glad for her,

i can't just tell her to follow me now.

she really likes to dance... i guess it reminds her of her mother...

Ysolda: So what will you do ?

Caede: I think i'll just go to Markarth now while it's still early and she's sleeping...

Could you please tell her goodbye for me ?

Tell her i'm not abandoning her and i'm gonna come visit soon.

Ysolda: Yes of course, good luck sweety... oh i almost forgot, say hi to Senna from me...

Caede: Okay thanks, i'm off then.


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Hm-hm, well done. Not sure if the trip to markarth is to be considered an easy task - from the immersive point of view. Just a thought, of course.

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Hm-hm, well done. Not sure if the trip to markarth is to be considered an easy task - from the immersive point of view. Just a thought, of course.

Thx, yeah the trip was definitely not instant like in the sets but, Caede was too busy running away from anything moving except for skeevers & wolves as she had no arrows left, no money and food...so the priority was to get to the temple ASAP while trying to avoid any enemies... she is quite stealthy... :) and even better at running away :D

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