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Dovahkiin's Ascension [Chapter 6] - When The Sun Burns Red




Skaven, Hammerfell


Commander Maro: Good to see you again son. The emperor and his entourage will arrive in five days. We must organize the defense of the palace, and I would entrust such an important task to nothing but my own blood.


Gaius Maro: You can count on me, father. Is Ozias with the caravan?
Commander Maro: As I said, I would entrust such important tasks only to my own blood. Yes, I know the Emperor is perfectly safe as long as he and his men look after him on the road.
Gaius Maro: Little Ozias, huh? We had a good upbringing, my father, and he became a strong and fit young man, but I am a little worried that they will be attacked as soon as they cross the border.
Commander Maro: The Thalmor sent advance guards to every road, ensuring safe passage to Skaven. The emperor's life is important to them, so they won't risk it.
Gaius Maro: And what about the city?

Commander Maro: A strategic nightmare. Narrow streets, densely built-up, with squat rows of houses. Even an assassin can hide anywhere. That's why we send archers up to every roof where the procession goes.
Gaius Maro: Will the Alik'r leave this?

Commander Maro: They are forced, it is in their interest to make the agreement, and without the proper protection of our emperor, they have no chance.

Gaius Maro: Alright. I'll take a bath and we'll meet downstairs at the barracks.

Commander Maro: Hurry my son. Time is working against us.


Gaius Maro's room


Laina: Would you like some refreshments, sir?

Gaius Maro: Wash it, then we can talk about it.

Laina: As you wish...

Gaius Maro: Tell me, were you always a whore, or did you also do honest work?

Laina: A fine gentleman like you would surely find it boring to talk about my insignificant life.

Gaius Maro: You're right, I care much more when you use your mouth for something else!


Suck it you little whore!






I love the Dunmer species, lust is in their blood.





Let's see, what do you say if I treat your other opening a little now?


It hurts, doesn't it? You have to bear it!







Gaius Maro: If you dare talk to anyone while we're here, I'll cut out your tongue, do you understand?!

Laina: Yes, sir.
Gaius Maro: Right. Now get out of my sight.
[Gaius shuts the door]


Laina: Smug worm. Just let him believe that he can rule over me, but he won't leave this palace alive...


Skaven, Eastern Gate


Penitus Oculatus Soldier: Stop! Who are you?


Shaera: I am the leader of the Alik'r elite bodyguard. We captured a suspicious northern woman, she will be tortured tonight on charges of espionage.

Penitus Oculatus Soldier: Great job! Take it! If possible, preserve her beauty, maybe I'll treat her afterwards too! HA HA HA HA!
Shaera: Offer to consider. Bye.

Little Later

Shaera: Disgusting pigs. Fortunately, none of them know what the Dragonborn looks like, and neither does the Emperor.
Aeliana: Are such smug assholes going to look after him? The imperial court went down well. At the time, the Blades were respectable individuals who lived by strict rules.

Shaera: This is the work of the Thalmor, the first thing they did during the Great War was to outlaw/drive out the Blades, but I think you know the story.
Aeliana: You can tell firsthand, yes. However, I would have expected a little more from Penitus Oculatus.

Shaera: Don't underestimate them, the Maro family are notorious for their bloodthirstiness and ruthlessness. They can also cause unpleasant surprises.


Aeliana: I was just criticizing their manners, but I've seen enough crap to not take anything lightly.


Shaera: Here in the city, you don't have to fear ours, if they knew your true intentions, they would celebrate you as a hero.
Aeliana: Do you think killing the Emperor is enough to turn the tide of the war? I don't doubt Tullius determination, and I know that unlike Ulfric, he is a true patriot, but I'm not sure that's enough to succeed.

Shaera: While we're here, he won't be idle either, gathering the armies of Skyrim and the surrounding provinces. Many of the Stormcloaks that remained rejoined the Legion after realizing that Ulfric had tricked them, at the same time, at the news of the war against the Thalmor, many took up arms on the side of the Empire. We had a lot of trouble with the orcs of Orsinium both here in Hammerfell and High Rock, but they also assured us, that they stand by us in the fight. With the exception of the eastern provinces, everyone joins forces.

Aeliana: So maybe the situation is not hopeless, but I don't want to take part in this, now I will do what is expected of me, but I've had enough of the war.
Shaera: I heard how you led the legions to victory in the Civil War, and defeating the World Eater would certainly set people on fire if the Dragonborn fought alongside them again.
Of course, your decision is understandable, but it is not certain that the war will be avoided.

Let's go before an agent notices us!


The emperor arrived a few days later, but instead of celebrating, the city was silent as the delegation marched down the main street.

The settlement was finally reached, but the tension was palpable.


The Imperial Residence, after the ceremony


Thalmor Agent: Fortunately, you weren't needed, I suggest you stay in your room from now on, we'll take over from here.

Titus Mede: I demand this cheeky tone! I signed the Concordat, but that still makes me emperor!

Thalmor Agent: Don't confuse your current position with your true power. You're still alive because we want you to. Don't forget that for a minute.

Titus Mede: How long do you think the people of Tamriel will put up with your oppression? Someone will come along to put an end to this madness.
Thalmor Agent: Hold your tongue, old man, or I'll feed you with it!
Titus Mede: And then who will give speeches or act on official matters? Is that idiot alcoholic? He is certainly convincing on the outside, but as soon as he opens his mouth, he exudes ignorance. Just on it, let's end this and your little pranks will soon be revealed.

Thalmor Agent: Guard! Don't let him out of the room!


Thalmor Agent: We'll be talking about this later...
Tutis Mede: So be it!


That night


Shaera: It's time Leana.
As already discussed, this door opens into a corridor that leads to the real emperor's room. It was originally built as an escape route, but now it is useful in a different way.

Aeliana: How the agents didn't find out?
Shaera: It can only be opened magically , it is practically imperceptible, and for understandable reasons, we did not tell any of the members of the delegation about the existence of the route.
However, be very careful and good luck! We'll make sure you have enough time in there!




Commander Maro: Son, you must come with me, something is wrong with the... SON!

I knew we shouldn't trust these wretched desert peasants! Alarm!!! Close the gates leading out of the city immediately! No one can go in or out!

Commander Maro: You two! Have you seen anyone with my son lately?
Penitus Oculatus Soldier: Sir, Commander Gaius forbade us to mention it, but he had a Dunmer woman with him ever since we left Skyrim.


Commander Maro: Idiots! You should have told me right away! He must have been an Imperial spy or worse!

Penitus Oculatus Soldier: She seemed quite important to him, we didn't assume that...
Commander Maro: Enough! My son had one fault, he was always after girls, it seems that this caused his death, but I will take revenge for him!

Find that fucking whore, even from underground, until then I don't want to see you! Dismissed!


The emperor's room

[From outside: Alarm! Search everyone!]

Titus Mede: Something happened...


Titus Mede: I'm going to see the...


Laina: Hello there!


Aeliana: What the hell is going on?!


Laina: Hmmm... Interesting situation. Weren't you also sent to kill him? Unfortunately, then I have to finish both of you!
Aeliana: I don't have much time, I have to use a shout...





Titus Mede: I didn't think the Dragonborn herself would be sent, but it should be.

Aeliana: Were you expecting someone?
Titus Mede: I honestly hoped so. I thought I could protect the people by signing the Concordat, but instead I unleashed monsters on them. This is an unforgivable crime that cannot go unpunished.
Aeliana: I... I came to destroy a tyrant tonight. You don't seem like it.

Titus Mede: But you have to! For the Empire, for the people! Please...!
Aeliana: I wish you were a tyrant, it would have been easier...


Titus Mede: Thank you...


Aeliana: Mistress, here is the payment as we agreed... Life for life!

Mephala: Excellent work! The land of Tamriel will then be soaked in blood again! You have exposed yourself to a mortal! Now if you'll forgive me, a soul is waiting for me...!


Laina: You...Did you talk to her?
Aeliana: What?

Laina: Mephala, you spoke to her!
Aeliana: Yes... What do you know about it?
Laina: More than I wanted...

[From outside: What's going on in there?! Break down the door!]


Aeliana: Come on, let's get out of here!
Laina: I wanted to kill you, why are you helping me?
Aeliana: If you're telling the truth, we both have the same burden on our shoulders! Maybe we can help each other! COME!!!!

To be continued...


Edited by D3vilizeR


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35 minutes ago, hana120 said:

Which mod do you use for Hammerfell?

Gray cowl of Nocturnal?


This is part of Karlov Manor:


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Ah, the Native Altar mod.

I like his mod. A vampire story extrement well reussi.

The characters are very pretty and the love stories and sex too.


Currently, there are 3 4 blogs that I like and follow.

Yours with long hair and blue eyes.

That of Alter Native "Of blood and sang", Feyfolken and Vagr.


But do you notice? Vargr’s female characters all have the same type of face. Big and big eyes. The same look.

That’s the only thing I could tell her.

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4 hours ago, hana120 said:

Ah, the Native Altar mod.

I like his mod. A vampire story extrement well reussi.

The characters are very pretty and the love stories and sex too.


Currently, there are 3 4 blogs that I like and follow.

Yours with long hair and blue eyes.

That of Alter Native "Of blood and sang", Feyfolken and Vagr.


But do you notice? Vargr’s female characters all have the same type of face. Big and big eyes. The same look.

That’s the only thing I could tell her.

I don't follow many blogs and I'm only up to date with a few.

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