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Dovahkiin's Ascension [Chapter 7] - Straight And Narrow Path




Dawnstar, Skyrim
The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary


Astrid: Faelyn, we need to talk.
Faelyn: Of course, Mistress.
Astrid: Any news from Hammerfell? Didn't Night Mother speak to you?

Faelyn: Nothing for now, but I am sure that Laina doesn't make any mistakes, she...
Astrid: Yes, yes, you have praised her enough, and she really proved a lot during her stay here, but maybe it was too big even for her. Even though you are the Listener, you will pay for screwing up the assignment.
Faelyn: I remind you, Mistress, The Night Mother clearly appointed her for the task. As members of the Dark Brotherhood, it is our duty to follow her words.


Astrid: We respect our tradition, but the only one who can hear him is you. Lest it be found out in the future that you have shared false predictions with me.
Faelyn: I don't mind my mistress, you are the actual leader of the sanctuary, I respect you as much as the Black Sacrament itself.

Astrid: Hmmm... I hear your manners are still excellent. That's fine, but let me know as soon as you hear anything.
Faelyn: Of course, my Mistress.


Skaven, Hammerfell
Alik'r Secret Hideout


Shaera: I knew Tullius intuitions were right about you, Dragonborn. The lookalike-emperor is also dead, thus all obstacles are removed and the combined teams can start. We have already sent messengers to inform the general.


Aeliana: This all seems too simple to me, I mean, everything has gone as planned so far. And I'm also worried about what she was doing there...
Shaera: The Thalmor invasion affects all of Tamriel, many would have wanted to see the emperor dead, but few would have had the courage to do anything about it. Even fewer would have thought of turning to the Dark Brotherhood. Why did you bring it with you?


Aeliana: She said something that could affect me. I'm sorry, but I can't talk about this anymore...
Shaera: You've already proven yourself to me Leana, so your personal motives are none of my business. At the same time, I cannot/we cannot trust her. I hope you know what you are doing, but if I were you I would have killed her in the palace.
Aeliana: That was my intention as well, but for a long time I have been pressed by certain questions that maybe she can answer... Anyway, What's the situation in the town?


Shaera: The Penitus Oculatus were looking for a scapegoat, and we gave them one, meaning two.
Aeliana: What do you mean?
Shaera: Two of our high-ranking Alik'r warriors have volunteered to sacrifice themselves and have taken responsibility for the assassination, perhaps saving the lives of thousands of our comrades... The truth must never be revealed.
Aeliana: And did they take the bait?
Shaera: So far it looks like it, but I have my doubts too.
As I said, the Maro family is a determined mercenary band loyal to the Thalmor, but whatever they're up to, we have plan B too.
Aeliana: I have a bad feeling about this...



Skaven, Palace


Commander Maro: ...just let them believe they won. They killed my son, your brother Ozias, even if empires fall, I will take revenge for that.
Ozias Maro: Father, if Gaius hadn't gone after his dick, he'd still be alive now.

Commander Maro: How can you talk about your brother like that? Don't you respect his memory one bit?
Ozias Maro: I only say what is the truth. As long as the Emperor was by my side, Gaius was safe with me. He would have been tasked with securing the Skaven and guarding the palace. I mourn my brother, but let's be honest, he was self-inflicted.
Commander Maro: He's always been the more polite of the two of you, so that's what I raised you for, my son? It doesn't matter... I leave it to you to find out who the Dunmer whore was who ensnared your brother and killed him and the Emperor. Turn all of Tamriel upside down if you have to. I have to tidy up here.


Ozias Maro: As always, I will carry out the task, father, to the best of my ability. Why are you so sure the assassin has already left Skaven?
Commander Maro: This whole fucking city is full of tunnels, secret passages, and I'm sure we only know about a quarter of it. We made the mistake of not checking the palace enough, but the orders of the Thalmor emissaries were to hinder the Emperor in his own decision making, so that he would not act rashly, they did not allow time for thorough research. The assassin is shrewd enough to avoid being noticed, especially under these circumstances. If she's still here, we won't be able to find her, but you, my son, may find her. Now go, soon this city will burn..





Shaera: As easy as I was to get you in, it will be as difficult for you to leave the city. There are Thalmor agents and Penitus Oculatus soldiers everywhere, but we expected that. Remember where we left the supplies before we came to town, you'll find enough food and water there to get you to the High Rock border.

Aeliana: Alright, and thanks for everything!
Shaera: I'm reluctant to let you alone with her, but I must stay with my people. If all hell breaks loose, at least I can die with them, knowing that I did what I did for a good cause.


Aeliana: Take care Shaera and never give up hope, people need a leader like you, if you find any other way out then get as far away as possible.
Shaera: I've already decided Dragonborn. Good luck!




Aeliana: If we combine our knowledge, maybe we can get out. I'm guessing you had some sort of escape plan before you came here.
Laina: Well, the great Dragonborn is hoping for help from a pathetic killer like me? You are disappointing my dear...
Aeliana: It's too bad for you to mock me, remember, you can only be here because I decided to.


Laina: I didn't ask you to, and you can't oblige me to do anything if the Dark Brotherhood finds out what happened here...
Aeliana: Then we'll both be in trouble, but not more than now. If you want to get out of here alive, we have to work together.
Laina: I don't like it, but so be it. Then we both go our separate ways...
Aeliana: We'll see.


Thanks to Laina's illusion magic and Dragonborn knowledge, they were able to get through the Thalmor blockade.


Not far from the city


Laina: I don't think you need me to hold your hand anymore, you're a big girl to get by without me. Bye!
Aeliana: Don't think we're done.
Laina: I don't need your permission Dragon-pussy, the set will last longer if only one of us uses it, and I'm not gonna accept or share with you...


Aeliana: When you asked me about Mephala, I saw in your eyes the agony you went through, then and there, that was your true self. Too bad you play the insensitive bitch.
Laina: Emotions are for the weak. No one can help me, not even you. Get out of my way.
Aeliana: I was exactly like you. Nothing and no one cared, only pleasure. I killed innocents and took their souls at Her command. I put the ones I love in danger because greed driven by the promise of eternal youth. However, I had to realize that it's not fucking worth it at that price.
Laina: What do you expect me to do, to fall on my knees sobbing and tell you with a repentant face that yes, I have fucked up my life too?


Aeliana: Just give me one chance to get rid of her by helping each other... There has to be a solution, and the two of us can achieve more!
Laina: You also offered the emperor's soul to her, how do I know this isn't also a trick to punish me for failing the mission?
Aeliana: I gave Titus Mede's soul in exchange to protect someone very important to me. Otherwise she would have killed her... This was also one of the consequences of the unrestrained madness I had been cultivating lately...


Laina: The Brotherhood will hunt me down if they find out I didn't kill the Emperor. It would be easier for me to finish you off and... Damn it! I'm tired of running away all the time. I want to be free again...

Aeliana: Let's help each other, and maybe one day we can both be like that again!


Laina: Maybe... Okay, I'll give it a shot. However, if things don't go well, I'll move, one way or the other. You won't stop me.
Aeliana: In that case, I won't even want you...
Laina: Okay. Now let's really get out of here.



A few days later


Laina: If we can't find drinking water soon, then...it was a pretty short alliance...
Aeliana: Let's check it out in the valley, just in case. We can't be that far from the border anymore.



Aeliana: An oasis! Let's find a shelter until the storm calms down.




Little later 


Aeliana: Finally...








At the same night

Aeliana: I see a house down there. Maybe we can sleep there for the night.


They may have abandoned it a long time ago, but at least there is a bed.



Laina: We don't always have to sleep apart.

It's very cold at night, if we could hug each other and warm each other...


Aeliana: Why not?



The next morning


Laina: We have a company...


Redguard woman: Who are you? What are you doing here?


Aeliana: Calm down, we're not enemies! We were on our way to High Rock when we got lost. We are traders, I mean we were until we ran out of our stock.
Redguard woman: A Norse and a Dunmer trader near to the war zone. All foreigners left the province a long time ago, this story is a bit lame.
Laina: But that's the truth...


Redguard woman: Come with me. The commander will decide what to do with you. If you are who I think you are, you have nothing to fear.


Laina [whispering]: This is a trap, I can use an illusion to get rid of her...
Aeliana: We've run out of everything, so we wouldn't last long... The Redguards are not our enemies, I can understand them. I feel like she knows exactly who we are...



Redguard Outpost, a little later


Redguard commander: Just a day ago, a Skaven messenger arrived with the news that the Imperial Emperor was dead and that he needed to notify General Tullius so he could mobilize his troops. We know that Lieutenant Shaera, through the general's mediation, recruited some foreigners to carry out his plan...


Redguard woman: They are Latif, I think there is no doubt about that...


Commander Latif: We can never be sure Izzara...
Aeliana: The mission was successfully completed. Both the emperor and the lookalike are dead. Shaera helped us, but she stayed in Skaven.
Commander Latif: The city is destroyed. I don't think anyone who stayed there survived, but the loss of the Skaven was expected from the beginning. Although the Thalmor burned everything, they suffered huge losses, and we prevented their invasion plan.


Aeliana: My role in all of this is over. With some supplies, please let us go.
Commander Latif: We owe you a debt of gratitude, Dragonborn. Before you leave, relax in our city. Heldorn Mount is under our control, you should be safe here.
Aeliana: We're exhausted, so I'm taking the offer.
Commander Latif: Izzara show the way!
Izzara: Follow me.



Heldorn Mount Inn


Izzara: You will receive supplies here and there is also a room for rent for you. I have to go now.
Aeliana: Thank you... Why don't you stay a little longer?


Izzara: I'm sorry, but I have to be on guard. The Thalmor have retreated, but we still have to deal with their spies. If possible, don't show off too much either.
Laina: We won't even leave our room, don't worry...



In the room


Aeliana: What's on your mind?
Laina: You asked me not to play myself, so don't you either! You know what I want... I saw the way you looked at me when we were bathing. If you got involved with Mephala, it could only be for one reason: you are obsessed with pleasure, especially sex. I feel the same way. I didn't want to sleep with you by accident...


Aeliana: I thought about it, but for obvious reasons I'm skeptical of your true intentions...

Laina: At the same time, we are both Mephala's puppets. Let's do nothing tonight, just have a few drinks and have a good time.
Aeliana: You don't have to ask me twice...




































To be continued...


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I know, the dialogue was a bit much, but it was necessary for what I plan in the future.

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Thanx. ?

I know, the dialogue was a bit much, but it was necessary for what I plan in the future.

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