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Dovahkiin's Ascension [Chapter 5] - Dawn Of Decay




Near to Rorikstead


Faelyn: It's a mission to restore the Dark Brotherhood to its former place in history. You were chosen because you are the best of us.
Laina: I will not disappoint you my dear, you know me.

Faelyn: I know Laina, I know. But still, I am worried about you. For the first time.

Laina: No need, I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself.

Faelyn: Avoid being conspicuous, because of the war only a few Dunmer can visit Hammerfell these days.
Laina: I have my tools to make sure that no one will suspicion in anyone.
Faelyn: I don't doubt for a minute that you will carry out the task professionally, but take care of yourself!
Laina: Maybe that calms you down...












Somewhere in Haafingar Hold, Secret Imperial Hideout


Tullius: I'm glad you are joined us, legate. Her skills improve our chances a lot, and it seems her heart is in the right place.
Aeliana: Obligatory politeness aside, I've done a lot of terrible things in my life, General, maybe I can atone for my sins.

Tullius: We're unofficially here now, so I can say that during my military career I've done things I'm not proud of, but we are in the war. No one will hold you accountable here.

Aeliana: Okay, let's get to the point.
Tullius: In recent months, our Dominion-backed armies have almost completely crushed the resistance in Hammerfell. Only one radical group is holding out, but the leaders of the Redguards are leaning towards a truce. An Imperial detachment will be heading to Skaven within weeks to sign the peace terms.

Aeliana: Since when have the Thalmor been so peaceful?
Tullius: Their victory came at a great price, they lost thousands of men in the sieges of Rihad and Taneth. Nevertheless, I also think that they are trying to do something to prevent the settlement, but I was obviously not informed about this.

Aeliana: Isn't it risky to send the emperor himself in such a dangerous situation?
Tullius: Of course all is not what it seems, as many times a lookalike will be used for the official ceremony this time, but the real emperor will also be nearby in case of any serious political strife or if the Hammerfell spies get out of hand and they go outsmarted us before it all starts.
Aeliana: Clear line so far. What will my task be?

Tullius: I'll introduce the team. Some of the information comes from them, so they will tell you more details.
Shaera: I didn't think the Dragonborn himself would help us, I was surprised when the general recommended you. I am Shaera, Alik'r warrior, and these are my people. I love my country Aeliana, I won't let those filthy elves push it into poverty.

Aeliana: You don't have to prove anything to me Shaera, I know what the Thalmor are like, they think they are different from all the other races on Tamriel. They care nothing but to make everyone their servant.

Shaera: They look down on other races, but have the guts to rape hundreds of Redguard women during the war. If I could, I'd cut them balls off before plunging a knife into their hearts. But I'm glad we speak the same language.

As General Tullius mentioned, the peace negotiations will take place in Skaven, and the detachment will be housed in the palace, including the false and the real emperor.

Aeliana: Why is that so certain?
Shaera: Skaven are surrounded by the Alik'r Desert, and there is no place nearby to protect the Emperor except for the city.
Aeliana: Why don't we attack them somewhere along the way?

Shaera: The detachment must arrive in Skaven and sign the agreements. If the emperor is killed in the city, the radicals will be suspected, and we might have a chance to keep something of what they manage to negotiate.

Tullius: However, now that Titus Mede is dead, we are no longer bound by anything to obey the Thalmor or abide by the rules laid down by the Concordat. Everything depends on it, legate...
Aeliana: You can count on me General. I have only one condition: I want to kill the emperor personally.

Tullius: I won't take the opportunity away from you, but it would be enough if you just help the others. A personal matter?
Aeliana: You could say that. Now let's see the floor plan of the palace...


Dragon Bridge, Penitus Oculatus Outpost


Gaius Maro: Loukas, I want to have fun tonight, bring me some girls!

Loukas: Yes sir, should I bring a few bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine too?

Maro: Of course, you already know me, I don't need to tell you what I want. That's why I like you.


A little later

Loukas: I brought the guests!

Maro: Fantastic! Girls, we won't be bored tonight!








In the end, only one girl remained..



















Laina: Please, sir... I have nowhere to go. Take me with you and in return you do what you want with me every day.


Maro: Hmmm... After all, I've always wanted a permanent lover and you performed quite well today.

I don't mind, but always do what I say and never be underfoot, and when I need you, you come, no excuses.

Laina: I understand and I will do so. May the Gods bless you good sir.... That went easy...

Riverside Lodge, Whiterun

Aeliana: I'm glad you're all here. As I have already mentioned to you, I am going on a dangerous mission, where I cannot take any of you with me. I don't want to say a sensitive goodbye, but while I'm away, try to take care of yourselves, especially Sofia...

Sofia: I won't have any problems, I promise. However, I still don't understand why you have to go too...
Aeliana: We'll discuss this when I come back.

Morgaine: Sorry about last time, I think I should drink less skooma. Sofia could have been in worse trouble.
Aeliana: Skooma makes you unpredictable Morgaine, it's in your best interest to drink in moderation. I don't want you to get anyone in trouble again for this.
Morgaine: I promise Leana, I will change.
Aeliana: Glad to hear it.

Serana: I would like to have a few words with you face to face.
Aeliana: Alright Serana.

Aeliana: Is everything okay?
Serana: In addition to the fact that I am also worried about you, the thought of why Elisha was in a cell when we occupied the castle does not let me rest.

Aeliana: Is she still alive?

Serana: Yes, until I found out what her plans were. After the fight I looked around the castle and found neither Vingalmo's nor Feran Sadri's bodies, unless they were reduced to ashes, they weren't there. This is more than worrying.

Aeliana: Do you think they could be a threat to us? Did you talk to Valerica about this?
Serana: Yes, while she was a prisoner, she didn't see any of them either, but we're both sure that Elisha's imprisonment was part of their plan. I'm afraid my father wants to take revenge on us even beyond the grave...

Aeliana: Be very careful, Serana, as soon as I get back, I'll help you find out what's going on.
Serana: Take care of yourself and if there is anything wrong and you can, send me a message.


To be continued...


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5 minutes ago, Evaloves4 said:

> Most excellent. Love it a lot.

> Did you also change your ENB?

Thanks. ?
No, I still use PI-CHO ENB. I think it's the best of them all.

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Yes especially with the replacement of Coldsun, it is simply beautiful.

Coldsun does a very good job.

All his replacers are excellent and his companion mods to him.

Like the sublime Anja Iceheart.

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3 minutes ago, hana120 said:

Yes especially with the replacement of Coldsun, it is simply beautiful.

Coldsun does a very good job.

All his replacers are excellent and his companion mods to him.

Like the sublime Anja Iceheart.

There were quite a few Coldsun girls in this episode. ?
Anja is also in my game, but she doesn't get a part in the blog. Maybe later.

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27 minutes ago, D3vilizeR said:

Thanks. ?
No, I still use PI-CHO ENB. I think it's the best of them all.

> Yes, I agree. That's what I tried to say.:classic_happy:

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