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Alpha Testing



Started alpha testing.


No faction restrictions and factions (outside framework factions that are generally neutral) are not handled by the framework. That's an area specific mods should handle to allow for rival gangs of slavers.


There isn't a % health threshold (unless you want one). For testing I am using slaver arrows that will knock out a NPC/Player only on a direct hit. A good center of mass shot will knock out the NPC/Player for 20 seconds. If a master (not necessarily the one that made the shot) doesn't then get close enough to collar the downed foe in that time then the Player/NPC is still free.


Recommended Comments

Looking forward to this too! I have tried to explore every single part of Sanguine's Debauchery and I played the mod for a long time. After I heared about SD2 I couldn't sleep ^^ It's a great project and I hope you can implement all the ideas you have. Thank you and your team for doing this :)

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